WordPress Hosting Review – Is Fantastico Auto Installer a Must?

WordPress Hosting Review – Is Fantastico Auto Installer a Must?

When you read a WordPress hosting review, you will truly read about the WordPress as a CMS and get information on where to find a good great number for your blog. This specific WordPress hosting review will not go over the CMS itself in great detail but cover Fantastico as a tool that can make our lives easier.

With all the blogging platforms and CMSs (content management system) being obtainable for us these days, it is truly difficult to choose a platform for your new blog. We are not going to cover all the blogging platforms here on this article but focus on WordPress as it is the most popular and widely used CMS around. If you are starting a blog and not sure which platform would suit your need, then WordPress probably be the one to go with.

When WordPress was introduced fist, only a few web hosts were offering WordPress hosting packages. Out of those very few, most of them didn’t already offer Fantastico auto installer. Blog owner would truly have to install the CMS manually on the hosting server, setup the database, and finally configure the config.php file within WordPress to get the blog up and running. It was truly a hassle, not to mention the insane amount of time it took to complete the complete course of action.

Fantastico auto installer made lives of many bloggers very easy as now you can install WordPress with just 3 clicks. Why use hours trying to get your blog up and running where you can use only 60 – 90 seconds to get the whole installation done with Fantastico auto installer?

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