Whole Foods Market in Austin offers pay by palm option



AUSTIN (KXAN) — You can now pay with your palm at a Whole Foods Market in Austin.

Amazon One, the retail giant’s palm-recognition service, is now obtainable at the Arbor Trails location in southwest Austin. It’s the first store in Austin where customers can pay for groceries by scanning a palm in the checkout line.

We are excited to introduce Amazon One as an option for our Austin-area Whole Foods Market customers,” said Leandro Balbinot, chief technology officer for Whole Foods. “We are always looking for new ways to satisfy and delight our customers and offer functional options to enhance the shopping experience.”

Customers can connect one or both palm prints to their credit or debit cards by Amazon One, which can be done at the checkout counter before a buy is made or at a kiosk in a store. Once enrolled, customers can place their hand over the reader at the checkout line after their groceries are scanned to pay.

Amazon officials said the service will be obtainable in all Austin stores “in the coming weeks.” Austin is the first vicinity outside of Seattle to have the palm-reading pay option. Stores in Seattle began using the service in April 2021.

“Amazon One is all about making everyday activities, like paying at a store, easier and more functional for customers,” said Thi Luu, director of product management for Amazon retail. “We built Amazon One to offer a quick, reliable, and obtain way for people to clarify themselves or authorize a transaction while moving seamlessly by their day.”

Amazon said palm images aren’t stored on the devices and that, “images are encrypted and sent to a highly obtain area we custom-built for Amazon One in the cloud where we create your palm identifying characteristics.”

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