Who Needs God With a Text Messaging Smart Phone – Don’t Do It While Dr…

Well, it appears that many of the folks who live in states with text messaging laws aren’t exactly following the program. That is to say people have not stopped the practice of driving and text messaging at the same time, but they should because people are dying every day. Not long ago, I saw a very funny bumper sticker; “honk if you love Jesus, text if you want to meet him.” Which is about right, because if you are busy text messaging, in spite of of who you are sending that text to, you could easily run into something and die immediately, or break your nose as the airbag deploys.

The Ohio Business Journal posted an article “Ban on texting while driving takes effect Friday, no penalties until March,” on August 30, 2012 which discussed how the state was instituting the “no-texting while driving law,” the latest state to follow this nationwide trend. nevertheless, as I was saying, merely creating another traffic lot doesn’t necessarily average people are going to stop this unsafe practice. Many people excursion around all the time without ever connecting their seatbelt, until they see a black and white, and all of a sudden they click it.

Sometimes, I surprise if people have replaced God and religion with their new personal tech devices. In fact, the other day I was talking to a reverend who said he had to entertain everyone at the church more and more each year because everyone was busy texting their friends the minute it started to get boring for them. He noted that their attention span is simply not what it used to be, not already on Sundays. When church service was over, everyone filed out of the building, and they were text messaging outside. They can hardly wait.

Nevertheless, I would submit to you that “Heaven can wait,” and you want to follow the traffic laws whether you are in California, Texas, or Ohio and stop texting while you are driving. The life you save might be your own. Further, if you kill someone else’s kid or run over a bicyclist, I surprise what on earth you could possibly say to their relatives about why it was so important to send some silly text message instead of pay attention where you were driving.

Having harsher penalties for texting while driving might be one way to get this done, but that doesn’t seem to be working, people are willing to take the risk, and keep up that smart phone down low where no one can see it, and in doing so they are making it already more dangerous. If you send a text while driving and get into an accident, you had better hire a good traffic lawyer, that’s all I can say, otherwise you will find yourself living in a gated community, or worse arriving in heaven a little earlier than you planned – neither of which allow you to text your friends or family. Please consider all this and think on it.

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