Which is Best For You – Vertical Wind Turbine Or Horizontal?

Today there are many new concepts and designs of which kind wind turbine to use for your residence. We will look at both types and try to help you draw a conclusion to what kind might be best suited for your particular situation.

Let us take a look at the horizontal wind style first. Probably the most shared kind wind turbine that you see while driving along in the country side which make up the so called “wind farms”. If you notice these are huge and stand like giants in the fields. A current project in Colorado has wind turbines which stand at 328 feet high. The reason for the height is to make sure they are catching every bit of wind. These monster blades are 112 feet long and include at 8mph wind speed. This is application horizontal wind style become effectively better for producing electricity for bigger projects to strength whole communities with electricity. Today the household wind turbine can be built for under $200 and save you money by taking some of the load off your electrical utility bill.

The cons of the horizontal wind designs are that they do make noise in a brisk wind, plus they are unattractive in residential neighborhoods, and can be unhealthy to birds.

The vertical axis wind turbine is a much more attractive design with less moving parts, not needing a tail section to keep them turned into the wind. One big advantage that I see is the wiring problem with the tail section horizontal wind units is that being vertical the wiring is stationary with no movement which prevents the continued strain on the wire connections. Vertical wind turbines have a basic kind tubular vane which catches the wind from all angles and turns the motor in one direction only in spite of of the wind direction. These could be mounted on a roof top almost like a house style attic wind vent. These are also safer for birds because they are less likely to come in contact with the vertical turbine.

The cons of the vertical wind are that they do not produce as much electricity as there larger counter parts, but as technology changes and better designs are made, less wind is needed to turn the turbine itself.

If you live in a rural area or area that is wide open, I would opt for the horizontal style wind turbine. However if you are like me and live in a residential area with a developed neighborhood I would have to go with the vertical wind turbine design.

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