Where Does Your Website Rank?


I decided to proportion this, as it is one of the shared questions my new clients ask on how to enhance their website ranking in search engines.

The following are some of the smart free techniques. If you are looking at how to write proper ad campaigns online I shall be discussed this in another article.

Search engines aren’t impressed with streaming video, vibrant music in the background or all those hard-to-find fonts. Within a single heartbeat, search engines ever-so-quickly examine Web pages not for the best features and pictures, but for words, meaningful-Words.

Lets start with the easy stuff:

The search engine “bots” examine left to right from the top of the page. Usually a lot of people place their menus on the left hand side because of this, what is important is that all tags are filled out with the meaningful words about your product or business. Example Leaving the tag empty is also very shared. This is one of the most important places to have a keyword, because not only does it help you in optimization but the text in your tag shows in the search results as your page title.

Avoid many forms of scripting languages:

Specially for your websites “landing pages” your main pages you set up for people to see first, need to avoid heavy use of javascript or any other scripting language. Search Engine robots as per their algorithm do not read JavaScript codes, and if the websites HTML has been coded incorrectly, bots don’t like this in addition.

The big myth about using flash content:

Try to avoid excessive use of frames and flash, but there are tools that can help you generate meaningful words with in the flash content when using flash. Also create different HTML pages.


Here is a tool that visually shows what from your Flash files is visible to search engines and what is not.

Flash Search Engine SDK

If you are using flash, this is GOD! The most progressive tool to extract text from a Flash movie. One of the handiest applications in the Flash Search Engine SDK is the tool named swf2html. As it name implies, this tool extracts text and links from a Macromedia Flash file and writes the output unto a standard HTML document, consequently saving you the monotonous job to do it manually.


Regularly update your website, or add more pages, Hmmm is this the reason for this article…. You be the estimate.

The importance of links:

When the “bots” find a link, they will examine that link, and retrieve information to see if they are active and if the website is working. So it is important to have your website connected with others. But its not about quantity, but quality, you will want to be associated with websites that have high quantity of traffic.

Make sure you use appropriate meaningful words when linking from some one else’s site to yours Choose about a half dozen keyword variations for your site and mix them up when you build links, don’t want to be seen as SPAM. For example, if the theme of your site is: strength training, you could also use the following keyword variations to build incoming links:

Strength Training Website, Strength Training Article, Strength Building Tips, Beginner Strength Training, etc…

Don’t do more than 15 links a day, you will be seen as a spam site if you do, and can get you confined from Search engines.

Last but not least: Check Availability of Server

The web server on which your website is hosted should be 24 X 7 up as search engine robots can visit your website anytime. So many clients brag that they pay peanuts for their hosting, overseas in 3rd world countries, but when their site goes down it takes them days to finally contact the right person. This is a headache I can not persevere, and for my New Zealand clients I use a well respected New Zealand hosting company that have 24 hours customer service.

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