What Do I Take To University To Have An Easy Life?

What Do I Take To University To Have An Easy Life?

Food is important. Without it, you can’t last long. And unless you’ve had to budget your money and plan your meals based on limited resources, doing this for the first time in your life can be particularly harrowing. If you keep asking yourself, “What do I take to university,” whenever you get hungry, then this article is for you.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be living in a dorm that includes a meal plan. This method there will be a big cafeteria you can go to once or twice a day, and eat as much as you can. Depending on your particular meal plan, you might have to fend for yourself on the weekends. Generally speaking though, most dorms come with plans that won’t let you starve to death.

Sometimes, though, you’ll only get one or two meals a day. For example, some dorms are more like shared apartments. You are responsible for buying and cooking your own food. If you’ve lived at home your whole life, and have never bothered with cooking or buying food, this can be pretty traumatic.

clearly, you’ll need to know ahead of time what to buy. Cooking and eating utensils are basic. You’ll need at the minimum one knife, fork, and spoon. You might need more depending on how often you plan on doing the dishes.

You’ll also need something to eat off of. Cups, bowls, dishes, and glasses are also basic. Of course, you won’t be throwing any huge dinner parties, so don’t go crazy. If you’re lucky your parents will let you take some stuff from home. Otherwise, you’ll need to do some shopping before you leave.

Unless you plan on eating moment noodles and frozen burritos all the time, you’ll need some cookware. You can get by pretty well with a decent size fry pan, and a pot. You can use the fry pan to cook pretty much anything. You’ll need a pot to cook pasta. You’ll find that pasta is pretty cheap, and there are plenty of ways to cook it so you don’t get bored.

Naturally, you’ll need some way to prepare your food. That method a associate cutting knives, and a cutting board. You’ll also need some mixing bowls in addition. A can opener is a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch. Sometimes eating a can of tuna is all you feel like cooking.

If you like to cook, and you’ve got some cash to use, you can get more items that will make eating a lot less boring. Cheese graters, vegetable peelers, a sieve, some meat scissors and other accessories can make your kitchen life a lot simpler.

If you really don’t like to cook, then a slow cooker can be perfect. Just load it up with meat and vegetables in the morning, and you’ll have something tasty in a few hours.

Naturally, buying food for yourself is an adventure unto itself. Avoid pricey items that spoil quickly. Stick with basics like pasta, chicken, and vegetables. Beans are great. Although they take a while to cook, they’re pretty cheap, they fill you up, and they’ve got a lot of nutritional value. They also go good with plenty of other foods, so you’ll have a lot of options when cooking.

Of course, if you’ve never cooked before, you’ll need a basic recipe book. One that contains some simple and cheap recipes that are easy to put together. This can be your best friend if you don’t know your way around the kitchen.

Following the tips in this article will keep you well fed, and your mind off food. That way, you can keep in on your studies where it belongs.

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