VGA to DVI Adapter: A Must Have For Your PC

VGA to DVI Adapter: A Must Have For Your PC

VGA technology was initially used for CRT monitors, and was very much in need till the invention of LCD monitors happened in 1999 which also led to the DVI technology replacing the earlier one completely. But already though LCD monitors are very commonly used for computers these days, there are nevertheless a few who prefer CRT monitor s for their computers mainly due to the fact that they are very affordable in terms of buy and cost effective in terms of maintenance where as an LCD monitor not only is very expensive to buy but also almost doubles the maintenance charges. If you have an old CRT monitor then upgrading it with a latest technology video card would be a bad idea, because this may rule to your old monitor not being able to function properly and you may finally have to settle for purchasing a new monitor altogether which would average additional expenditure. Card manufacturers have today realized that CRT monitors have not however lost its importance in the market and people nevertheless have a preference for it.

This is exactly the reason why they have started manufacturing various types of video cards that incorporate VGA in addition as DVI inputs, but if you would notice a high end card, it would include only DVI. The only way you can successfully use an old version CRT monitor with the latest version vide card is by an adapter. You will need an adapter only when the video card being used has just one single DVI connection.

A VGA to DVI adapter connects traditional analog graphic cards to DVI compliant digital monitors. It also connects laptops and high end computers that are equipped with HD – 15 video connections to DVI video displays. It also supports many LCD displays and DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors. It also ensures quick installation. Let us see the exact technique of connecting a VGA to a DVI adapter:

– Connect the supplied VGA cable to the computer VGA port and the VGA to DVI Adapter.

– Connect the DVI monitor to the VGA to DVI Adapter.

– Connect the strength supply to the VGA to DVI Adapter.

– Start up the computer

– Observe that the strength light is ON. The screen will initially show 640?480, then go to the proper setting

– You should see a beautiful picture

– If you need to adjust the picture position or phase, there are adjustments on top of the box to move up, down, left, right, and the clock phase.

An adapter is also required because it is manufactured with a DVI connection on one end and VGA on the other. You can buy them either in the form of just adapters or with the attachment of cables for a rate of anywhere under $100. Before purchasing a video card for your old CRT monitor, kindly make sure that the input on your video card must be a DVI-A or DVI-I in order for the adapter to work efficiently.

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