Types of Digital Voice Recorder

Types of Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorders are devices that are used for digital voice recording. They are a great boon for busy people such as doctors, lawyers, professors, businessmen, researchers, etc. who do not have time to pen down notes. They can use these recorders to record their voices and take digital notes. They store their notes as audio files that can accesses when the need arises. There are may types of recorders that come with inbuilt speech to text software. This way they can transform digital recordings into text and refer to them.

Earlier voice recorders were used only for recording minutes of business meeting, important speech or other crucial things. Nowadays, they are being used by everyone ranging from students to professionals. Students record the lectures of their professors. This way they can focus and understand what their teacher is trying to explain and not worry on just taking it down. Media professionals use it for recording interviews and other reports. It is just being used to reduce dependence on text. People prefer to save information as audio files instead of writing it down.

There is a variety of DVRs obtainable in the market today. You can find recording function encased in many gadgets these days. The most popular of such gadgets are:

Phone Recorder: A digital phone recorder records all phone calls in digital format. It can be connected to a phone line and record all conversations. No matter to how many rooms the phone line is connected it, it records all conversations that happen by it. This recorder is quite useful for keeping a record of your personal or specialized conversations. The recorder has PC compatibility. consequently, it can be connected to a computer and upload all recordings.

Pen Recorder: Such DVR is most popular among lawyers, professors, detectives, businessmen and students. It has a dual purpose. You use it to write and to record conversations. It is quite handy and does not need a lot of space. You can carry it the pocket of your shirt or your briefcase. It comes with 2GB memory that can contain a recording of up to 128 hours. It also has an in-built rechargeable battery. It can be charged by any USB port.

Wireless Digital Voice Recorder: It is a very small and compact device that comes with in-built MP3 player, FM radio and flash memory. It comes with a wireless microphone that can be activated for recording from a radius of more than 25 meters. The device has in-built speakers that can be used for playback of recordings. It can be charged by any USB port.

Mini Digital Voice Recorder: As the name indicates it too small to be detected. It has an in-built microphone. It has a wide frequency range and consumes less strength. It comes with real-time clock and calendar option. Hence you can preset time and date to start and stop recording. It works on batteries and can be connected to computers to take back-up of recordings.

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