Types of Computer Monitor Cables

Types of Computer Monitor Cables

If you’ve been using a desktop computer, you’ve probably experienced replacing your old monitor with a newer version. If that’s the case, you now also know the importance of having a compatible monitor cable. already for your TV set at home, you need monitor cables to run your video player onscreen. The continued developments in technology in the past years have also given birth to different types of connectors for all the versions of computers and gadgets. So how do you know the difference between a VGA cable and an HDMI connector? How do you know which would work with what kind of equipment? Here are some of them and their descriptions.

USB cables are usually used with computers to connect mobile phones, digital cameras, and other external equipment. But there are monitors that can be connected by USB cables so they can be used as secondary displays. These monitors can work with any computer with a USB connection. USB-enabled monitors aren’t commonly used as the main characterize, because they can only show up to a resolution of 1024×768.

The most shared connector for your monitor is the HD15 cable. It is more popularly known as the standard video graphics range or VGA cable and is easily noticeable, because it’s colored blue. It communicates analog image data directly to the range processor of the monitor, which then puts them forward for characterize on the monitor’s pixels. This cable is limited to a maximum resolution of 640×480 only.

Digital Visual Interface or DVI cables, however, can work for both analog and digital types of video data move. It is one of the commonly used cables today for digital monitor connections, since it can sustain image resolutions of 1920×1200 and higher. The dual link kind of DVI cables can sustain video with a resolution of 2560×1600. When used with LCD monitors, it helps minimize or already eliminate digital noise. It looks similar to a VGA connector, except that the DVI has several long flat pins in the center.

A High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI cable is more popularly utilized with LCD TVs and other home theater equipment. But more and more computers are starting to use HDMI computer monitors and are now equipped with HDMI ports. With this kind of port, you can attach your LCD TV to your computer and use your TV as your monitor. An HDMI connector brings the same image resolution to your screen as a DVI cable would. However, the latter will also deliver digital audio together with the video.

These are the commonly used cables for computer monitors today. Always be sure that you use the correct kind of cable so you can maximize the use of your equipment.

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