The US Debt Crisis Will Give China A enormous raise

When Nixon was president many years ago he probably would not have expected what was happening in the great country of America right now. With the economy in tatters, the Federal save taking matters into their own hands, and a very poor fiscal policy Nixon would not be proud to see what is happening right now in the great country of America.

The amount of debt that now circulates America is is enormous. The debt has now accumulated and is now out of control. But as the American economy starts to falter is this really bad for countries like China. Over the last several years China has not been engrossing themselves in debt, and they are known for their healthy saving tactics, with around $1.2 trillion worth of U.S. debt.

China is one of the world’s largest creditors and having so much of the U.S. debt it has every right and need the U.S. to fix it’s structural debt problems to make sure China’s future is safe. Since the downgrade of the U.S. China now realises how much of a head start it now has for the coming several years. A shift in strength is coming for China depending on how well the U.S. can manage its current debt levels, and also work out a strategic plan to fix up these issues promptly.

If the U.S. fails to fix up the is debt levels, it will have emotional effects on the economy and also the public, who are already angry at the government officials and Obama for his ineffective leadership over the last several months.

The worry right now is China thinks the U.S. will collapse. But in a way that is bad because China owns a lot of the U.S. and this will affect them in the short term, and also in the grander extent of things. already though China realises it now has the upper hand, if they are to take over the superpower role of the American empire, it will not happen for several years. You cannot just take a superpower role immediately, it takes time and it is not a simple course of action.

Right now China is upstaging the U.S. is the biggest consumer of many commodities, construction and also infrastructure to investment booms. It has become less reliant on other global superpowers already though it has its own in house problems right now. But if America continues down its long debt ridden Path, China will start to take the upper hand in the next 12 to 24 months. By then if the U.S. has not taken care of its debts and also government problems China will become the new U.S.

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