The Meaning Of Obsession – The Dark And The Light


Obsession is two halves of the same coin. The dark and the light. The good and the bad. Generally, the information’s degraded to average that at best there’s something wrong with someone: “That’s all he ever does. Plays with his trains. He obsesses about them.”

Or of course, the very black; “I simply couldn’t chase her image from my mind. I’d sit for hours outside her flat and that day I saw her with that other man, I just snapped.” There we see the use of the information obsession used first in a derogatory way, and second in a horribly violent way.

But obsession’s just another information for passion, isn’t it? Let’s have a look at a lady who’s passionate about tapestry. Her work’s beautiful, but like any true artist, it’s never good enough. Let’s suppose that she decides to do what those ladies of Bayeux executed all those centuries ago, but her’s she’s going to entitle; “The Tapestry of the Twenty First Century.”

She plans a huge work, one that’ll cover all four walls of a big house. When it’s near completion, she decides to give it to Her Majesty the Queen. Now this is an obsession, the true meaning of obsession. The difference between her and so many other people is that she truly starts work on it. She doesn’t know the meaning of free time. Her television just sits in the corner, gathering dust.

She has a family and of course she makes it a strict point that they come first, but when all their needs are met, then her tapestry is all she knows. She isn’t in the first bloom of youth, and she may never finish it, but she’ll have a darned good try. This is a noble obsession.

Most people simply daydream, thinking wouldn’t it be nice if…But that’s as far as they ever take anything. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, a case of the world will know my name and all will genuflect at its mention. Basically, this is for you. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a mystery novel, a big novel, maybe covering three or four generations of a certain family.

It’s written so brilliantly, that you manage to build the tension up little by little throughout the whole book and it’s hailed as a work of art — or not, but at the minimum you’ve done something, something which in truth very few other people have done. It’s taken you a long time, many hours of re-writes, corrections, plot adjustments, etc., but you’ve achieved something.

Not like old Charlie down the road who retired from that factory he worked in for forty years, sat on his porch and died two years later. Nice chap, one of character’s gentlemen, but what legacy did he leave?

So don’t be afraid to be obsessed. Learn the meaning of obsession by accomplishing a work of art, be it painting, writing, tapestry.

But at the minimum you’ll leave your mark.

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