The Evolution dramatical change on: Making Your Dreams Come True

The Evolution dramatical change on: Making Your Dreams Come True

Many teachers of ‘self-improvement’ attract the masses by advertising seminars that focus on Making Your Dreams Come True. These “award-winning authors and internationally acclaimed consultants and seminar leaders” say they will help you:

Take-home Tools for Personal Happiness

Go for (and Get) What You Want

Effortlessly unprotected to focus, happiness and success

Be a Psychic in a Day

Set your mind to unprotected to the life that you really, really want

And already: Make money with self-improvement seminars!

I’m here to proportion a different message:

We no longer have time for self-indulgence.

We cannot indulge in our personal desires while one out of every six of us lives in poverty and hunger. instead of a personal dream or the American Dream–which has turned into a nightmare–we need to focus on a collective dream: A dream of Transformation.The evolutionary transformation that will take us from the paradigm of strength, manipulation and greed, to the understanding of our Oneness and the behaviors that consequence from that.

How is this possible? By separating oneself from the limited, false concept of self based on identification with body/mind/personality, and moving into the expanded Awareness of one’s True Reality.

We’ve been programmed to believe that satisfaction (and success) comes from the style and color of our hair, the clothes we use, the phone we use, the car we excursion, where we dine, what we drink, the job we do, and especially: how much money we have in the bank.

I’m here to tell you otherwise: You are not your hair, your clothes, your phone, your car, etc. You are not your job-it’s just a role you play. You are not your mind, however educated or ignorant. You are not your personality, however dull or scintillating.

What are you? An expression of All That Is. A manifestation of Consciousness. A single cell in the body of Humanity. An embodiment of Love.

Don’t be afraid. You will not lose yourself. Pleasure does not cease. On the contrary, a joy that cannot be described arises, and fills you from the inside out.

Take a journey with me:

Be nevertheless.

Observe your breath.

Imagine that you have no hair. (Close your eyes for a moment)

Strip off all your jewelry; take off your watch; remove your makeup; discarded your clothes. (Close your eyes and imagine this)

Forget about your job, your family, your home, your wealth or without.

Wipe out all memory of the past.

Place yourself in a desert: no flora, no fauna, blue sky, comfortable temperature. (Close your eyes)

Withdraw your attention from your body.

Thoughts cease.

Eyes see the great area without judgment.

Only Awareness is. (Close your eyes)

This is just the first step. One can be Aware with open eyes, too.

(See: The Importance of Self-Observation)

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