Tech Review: Bell’O Digital Headphones BDH-821

Tech Review: Bell’O Digital Headphones BDH-821


They are excellent over-the-ear headphones that can be used with Android and iOS devices. They include in-line quantity controls and a 24k gold-plated plug. The name is not fancy but the headphones are quite nice. I ran into Bello Digital at CES 2014, and was intrigued by their products. We now had the opportunity to test their over the ear headphones. We are looking forward to testing and reviewing other products in the future in addition.

Summary of the Devices:

From my perception, I found that BDH-821 are nice quality, are well designed, solidly constructed and have a moderate price. The BDH-821 appear to offer nice construction with attractive black and chrome accented parts in addition ( they also are obtainable in white & chrome). The headphones can be folded and they come with a nice microfiber travel bag. The bad seems capable of being used as a cleaning cloth for ones’ phones, and tablets. I had one of my teen age sons test them out for durability and he commented on the nice fiber wrapped cord, which is tangle resistant and of appropriate length to make their use functional.

Here are a few images of the headphones to allow you the reader to take a look at their impressive styling, design, and overall turn up too. As it has been said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In term of the audio quality I found that they sounded good for most kind of music. In terms of the bass response they sounded nice to me. In terms of offering the best quality and bass response on the market, I would say that they are very good for the price point.

Though they are well made, I think that the connectors between the part that goes over ones head and the headphones could get damaged especially for the teen age crowd or someone who would use them quite often.

My opinion:

Bello is known for making very nice home theater furniture, and are not really the first name that comes to mind for headphones. Despite the fact that they are new to making headphones, I am impressed by their first foray into the market. They sound good, look nice, and easy to take, throw in your bag and use at your leisure.

I really like the over the ear kind headphones like these to the in the ear kind, though the in-ear kind are sometimes easier to take on the road.

The headphones are well designed and look good, but are not overly pricey or fancy either so that you ought not to get mugged on the bus or at the airport or walking up the street like some of the big name player’s products like Beats Audio.

I tested the head phones, as did other members of our team in addition. Overall we were impressed by them and would definitely recommend them to anyone for listening to most kind of music, watching movies, or doing conference calls since they can be used for conversations in addition since they offer a decent built in microphone. It would seem that they can be used for PC gaming in addition since they sound good and allow players to communicate while gaming. My teen age son also tested them and he really likes them for his dub-step music.

About Bell’O Digital

Bell’O Digital is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics products including stereo headphones, audio/video cables, TV wall mounts, surge protectors, electronics cleaning products, and much more. Bell’O Digital is a division of Bell’O International Corp, an award-winning manufacturer of A/V furniture and consumer electronic accessories for over 25 years. Bell’O products are sold in leading retailers throughout the United States and worldwide. Continuing in this tradition, Bell’O Digital designs and manufactures award-winning, premium quality accessories with an unparalleled commitment to details, aesthetics, and performance. From the soft, supple and lightweight ear cups of our stereo headphones, to the high speed reliability of our HDMI cables, to the high capacity security of our strength surge protectors, our engineers take exceptional pride in developing products with the consumer in mind.

Bell’O Digital products extend well beyond looks and performance, bringing you exceptional value in addition. Compare the features and prices of Bell’O Digital audio/video accessories to any other brand, and we believe we’ll not only go beyond your expectations, but deliver a new standard in electronic accessories excellence.

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