Tapping the Right Ground: What Customers Need and Not What They Want

Tapping the Right Ground: What Customers Need and Not What They Want

The last decade has seen so many changes in terms of the number of new inventions in the market. Just count the number of items that you own right now which weren’t already there a decade ago! Mobile phones, touch screens, video chats, electric automobiles, Instagram, Snapchat, and the list goes to a hundreds or so, doesn’t it? It is amazing how the world is getting smaller day-by-day and the need for making it stay so are increasing inversely. But did we really need all that we have right now? How have marketers worked on making something that wasn’t already remotely a part of our lives, our only reason for existence?

The point is they have all really understood what the market could be like! They are visionaries who have foreseen what the future could keep up for us. They have designed the future and put us all there in it. They have understood and shaped human mindset so well that they now know how to create new dependencies.

We have always heard about our competitors and have worked hard to outrun them. We have all been running the race and trying to catch keep up of the same group by offering similar items. But as it grows, it just forms a junk. From a product seller, you now become a commodity seller. This is what most people call as the red ocean strategy. Red Ocean strategy refers to a strategy wherein you compete in the existing market and adventure the existing need. You make the value-cost trade-off by beating the competition. however, Blue ocean strategy is a strategy wherein the competition is considered irrelevant and you create and capture new need. While red ocean strategies have been considered easier and more applicable, blue ocean strategy is what is going to keep us rare and going.

By our observation, companies original, grow and become stagnant. They grow so big that accommodation of huge changes is not an easy task. However, there has been a huge sector of startups that has been emerging now. Being a new entrant, it makes more sense for them to be inventive and bring some disturbing changes and create a whole new market. That is how Instagram, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc have all captured their markets.

The idea is to go mobile! To make everything handy and run quick. Android and iOS are the two operating systems that have been dominating the market now. They have dug their roots thorough inside that it would be hard for another OS to capture the market. But who knows, a few years back, this is what we thought about Windows OS too!

Just think about it, what have these organizations really done? Consider the post-its by 3M. Who knew we could use something like a sticky observe. We did not want it, we needed it! Uber? Book a cab on the go!? Mind blowing idea! Amazon – book groceries by your mobile phone, get them delivered home – bright! The market has now been converging and focusing on the customers and their needs. In fact, from customer-pushed market, it has now been evolving to an idea-pushed market!

Let’s see where these ideas take us to! But we are sure about one thing, the future holds great ideas and innovations that would make our life easier and our days much quicker.

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