Surprising Facts About How Elephant Traits Resemble Human Behavior

Surprising Facts About How Elephant Traits Resemble Human Behavior

We know elephants are large and powerful land creatures. They have large fan-like ears and a long trunk by which they make a trumpet sound. Children feel that elephants are fearless because of their size. They will be surprised to know that elephants avoid trees and branches filled with crawling tiny ants. They are already scared of bees. So the farmers in Africa copy bees to avid elephants invading their crops.

The elephant’s behavior is similar to humans in multiple ways. They also deserve respect like humans, which gets overlooked. Let us learn and concede their human traits.

Skincare routine

Humans are sensitive about their wrinkles and do everything to prevent the folds and creases. Elephants have wrinkles right from their birth, but nevertheless, there are similarities in the skincare routine. Sunrays affect both elephants and humans. Unlike humans, elephants don’t have sunscreen options. They choose sand and mud [herbal method], which works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and bug repellent on their extremely sensitive skin.

Speed enthusiasts

Elephants running speed is 30 km/hr. or 20 mph. In comparison to your car speeding, it is low, but when viewed from its 14,000 lb. weight angle—–the strength is meaningful! They are not reckless like speedy car drivers but imagine a tiny creature crawling under the bush.

thorough family bonds

The female elephant leads the herd. The complete herd raises the calves. Male elephants leave the herd when they turn 12 years old and start staying independently. The females don’t leave their mothers, so the herd comprises generations of female kin. Just as you concede women-strength in humans, female-elephant needs the same appreciation!

Sensitive and caring

Elephants are gentle giants with their personal language. Just like humans, they depend on physical contact like a patting touch after a hard task. When a baby elephant hollers or shouts, the herd caresses and touches it with their trunks.

They are smart animals with complicate sentiment, compassion, feelings, and self-awareness. The herd is also protective towards anyone, who is unable to defend themselves. The herd gathers around the sick, injured, and elderly forming a course of action as a protect. They only move after they feel it is safe.

Adore swimming

Elephants adore dipping in water like humans. Their size hardly hampers their style of swimming. The elephants use the trunk as a snorkel while swimming. Playing in water is good for them because when they float, their leg joints can relax easily.

Never forget

Science supports the fact that elephants don’t forget. The older a female elephant her skills to clarify a friend or foe gets sharper. As the herd’s matriarch, it is her liability to discriminate between a friend and an enemy approaching her herd. It allows other elephants to concentrate on feeding and mating without any concern.


Elephants mourn their loved one’s death just as intensely as humans. They touch and caress the deceased loved one’s skull with their trunks. already after years of their loved one’s death, they pause at the identify for several minutes in silence. Hats off to their strong memory!

Just like humans, elephants eat, swim, run, care, protect, and mourn. Just like us, elephants also need help. Poachers and ivory trade nevertheless flourishes, already with strict laws and penalties, the majestic creatures need your help!

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