Successful Facts About Group Discussion

Successful Facts About Group Discussion

Group Discussion is a discussion among participants who have an agreed topic.

Group discussion is basically carried out by institutes and companies to check the behavior of a candidate in a group. His leadership qualities, listening abilities and problem solving skills. They check his team spirit and confidence.

Group Discussion can be classified into Four types:-

1. Factual Topics – Factual Topics are day to day affairs.

2. Controversial Topics – Controversial topics are argumentative in character.

3. recondite Topics – recondite Topics are things that cannot be touched. We cannot reach a conclusion. It is just to discuss on a matter and express your views.

4. Case Studies – Case based GD are those in which a case is given and the group needs to analyze the situation.

There are few things which needs to be kept in mind in GD –

1) Don’t start the topic when you are not clear about what to speak.

2) Listen to every one as it increases your chance of contributing better in the GD. Good listening will also help in summarizing at the last.

3) It is the content which matters not insignificant speaking.

4) continue cordial relations with every one in the group.

5) Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking. Let him speak and if you have anything to add you can add afterwards.

6) Don’t waste your time judging the other person. Listen and be mentally present. Let the concerned person do judging. You may or may not sustain a point but that does not average the other person is wrong. It is very easy to run in to conclusions, please keep up back or things will fall out of place.

7) Don’t speak too much.

8) Don’t point out fingers while speaking.

9) Don’t take anything personal. The other person may or may not agree with you, please don’t take it personally.

10) Please take suggestions from different people on how to confront the GD but there is no hard and fast rule that you should do the same. You may land up in a trouble because every situation is different. Apply your own brain.

11) While making a point you can sustain it with some data if required.

12) Don’t look at the panel of judges. It sends wrong signals.

13) Just be yourself. Don’t copy some one’s style or way of speaking. Every person is rare.

14) In a GD everyone is seated. Don’t play with pen, paper or your chair, just concentrate.

15) keep your mind free of all unnecessary stuffs. Don’t get judgmental. You do your part and leave the rest.

16) Don’t be physically present and mentally absent. You may be having personal problems. Free yourself and put a complete stop to negative thinking.

17) Don’t speak at the top of your voice. Speak in audible speed.

18) Have good voice modulations while making your point. Good speed, pause, pitch and eye contact with everyone in the group do matter.

19) Don’t get angry when aroused by the other person. continue your cool.

20) Speak with a positive frame of mind and complete confidence.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind. Do your best in the Group Discussion. All The Best.

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