Signs of Demonic Possession

Signs of Demonic Possession

Subject: Quiz–How Demonically Possessed Are You?

Unwanted entity attachment and negative energy are a part of life, but most people aren’t aware of this hidden problem, or how it can influence their lives.

The source of the unwanted energy can be negative energy directed at you from an enemy (which can also be from a past life and carry over to your present), a lost soul that happens to join your energy, or a demon or demon-like entity that is attacking you for various reasons.

This unhealthy energy can cause or worsen physical and mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, insomnia, anger, criminal behavior, and other problems.

Priests who perform exorcisms claim complete demonic possession is scarce, but you can be affected by dark energy without being possessed.

In American Exorcism, by Michael Cuneo, Father Benedict Groeschel, a Franciscan priest with a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University, explains: “… when situations were referred to me I usually sought the help of a laywoman in the archdiocese who possessed a gift for discerning spirits. In her view, and also mine, none of the people I brought to her were victims of possession; none of them, in other words, were in need of formal exorcism. But that doesn’t average they weren’t being afflicted or oppressed in various ways by demonic presences. Demonic oppression is much less serious than complete-extent possession, and it can usually be dealt with by what we refer to as a simple prayer of deliverance.”

Sometimes possession or spirit attachment is obvious, such as a violent reaction to the idea of God, prayer or religion in general, speaking in a different voice or unknown language, and superhuman strength.

In other situations of possession (or more precisely, demonic influence) or spirit attachment, it’s not as apparent, and can subtly influence the unaware subject for years or already a lifetime. The subject might be so used to carrying around the negative energy that it seems like a part of him or her. Not until they remove it do they notice the incredible difference in how they feel and act.

Some sufferers are extremely spiritually sensitive so they are easy targets for spiritual troublemakers. Some were involved with, or the target of black magic in their present life or past lives and are nevertheless paying for it. nevertheless others were targets simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, along with being spiritually unprotected, sometimes from drugs, alcohol, or abuse.

How possessed are you? Are you carrying around spiritual hitchhikers? Take the quiz below and find out. Add one point for each question you answer yes.

Your psychic talent can attract unwanted energies:

Do you have dreams or visions that come true?

Do you ever hear voices, seemingly from spirits?

Can you see other people’s auras?

Do you sense the emotions of other people?

Do you perceive past lives?

Do you sense spirits?

Did you experience anything uncommon after any of the following? Death of a loved one; serious illness; childhood illness; hospitalization; surgery, especially with anesthesia; organ transplant (receipt or donation); accident or fall with a head injury; near-death experience or NDE.

Have you experienced any of the following? Dreams or nightmares of being chased, or death; strong feelings of dislike of God, Jesus, white Light, or any religious activity; drug or alcohol abuse; unexplainable physical pains or ailments; harsh emotions such as depression, rage, desire for revenge, or self-destructive feelings.

Does your family history include any of the following? Criminal behavior; inappropriate behavior; mental illness; alcohol or substance abuse; physical ailments that could be hereditary; history of family trauma (especially sexual); patterns of suicide and tragedy; miscarriages or abortions before your birth.

Your present life:

Do you experience unexplainable insomnia?

Do you have unexplainable low energy?

Are you unable to satisfy your hunger?

Do you have any compulsions, obsessions, or addictions?

Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares?

If you said yes to more than eight of the questions above, you might be carrying around some spiritual debris and would probably assistance from a clearing.

observe that sometimes negative spiritual energy is very stubborn and all of it cannot be removed with just one clearing. For example, it’s shared to discover layers of it being removed every time you read the Spiritual Detox script. Alternatively, for harsh situations of possession, the help of a spiritual clearing expert or exorcist might be necessary.

For those who are skeptical of the existence of negative entities or lost souls, there’s a way you can see for yourself how real it is: Try a spiritual clearing and notice how you feel afterwards. The better you feel, the more likely you cleared some spiritual clutter. Our Spiritual Detox Script is free and it only takes ten minutes. What are you waiting for?

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