Short Term Health Insurance – Facts You Need to Know

Short Term Health Insurance – Facts You Need to Know

This is a policy that provides coverage for an average of 30 to 180 days. Some insurance companies allow you to revive your policy if you need further coverage. No company however would go beyond 12months! So the maximum duration for a short term health insurance is 12months.

Short term health insurance is obtainable for the following individuals:-

a) College graduates or young adults who have moved out of home and are no longer included in their parents insurance policy

b) People who are between jobs

c) People in a new job and their health insurance would not start until after the probation period.

Short term health insurance like every health insurance plan may have a assistance limit and the holder would be expected to pay an initial deductible and later co payments.

A policy holder should expect the following

  • Your application can be sent in by mail or on the Internet
  • You’ll be allowed to choose health care provider, doctors and hospitals
  • Most insurance companies would not ask for a physical exam.
  • You’ll get coverage for basic health care which would include; out- patient and in-patient sets, laboratory examinations, hospital room and board expenses (intensive care unit is included) and x ray.
  • .payment can be made by check or credit card
  • Your coverage starts running as soon as the insurance company gets your forms and you pay the first premium.

Because of the character of short term health insurance, the rates are low. You cannot get all the benefits of a long-lasting health insurance plan.

This would not cover any illness that you had before you took out the policy. It does not also cover your routine medical expenses. Like your dental appointments, medical checkups, optical care or pre-natal or ante-natal care.

To get the best deal in short term health insurance, ask those who have had the policy before or nevertheless do. Using their responses, check out their agents and insurance companies. Visit the sites and get quotes. A little time invested in comparison shopping would pay off in the long run.

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