Save on Winter Electric Bills These Ten Ways

Save on Winter Electric Bills These Ten Ways

1. Insulate around windows as this is where a lot of cold air get in and warm out.

2. use warm clothes inside and turn down the thermostat to save on energy

3. Electrical plug ins and switches are an often over looked energy loss from cold air

Hardware stores sell insulators for wall switches and plug ins just for this reason.

4. Many appliances use electric already when they are off as they have lights that nevertheless run. Unplug them or put a surge protector with an on/off switch to turn them off when not in use.

5. Change as many bulbs to energy savers as possible 25 watts run a100-watt equivalent in light out put.

6. Insulate hot water tanks, as this is a big energy user that turns off and on regularly. Make sure to get electrical or gas hot water insulation blanket, as they are different because of the ventilation of gas appliances.

7. An automatic thermostat saves as you can set it to lower temperatures at night and when you are not home and will rise to the set temperature before you get home so the house is nice and warm.

8. Buy flannel bed sheets as they keep you warmer and when you turn down thermostat at night you stay warm like in the old days. Use plenty of additional covers on really cold nights.

9. Clean the coils on your refrigerator as it helps it to run cooler and to last longer and use less electricity. Be sure to unplug the appliance and be careful not to damage any coils. I usually use a duster and vacuum.

10. If you have people in your house that are always forgetting to turn lights off you can install sensors that turn on lights when you go into a room and turn them off if you are out of the room for a certain amount of time. Try one first to see if you like them. It sometimes takes awhile to get use to.

Most of these things you can do yourself but anything you feel unsafe or uncomfortable doing hire a specialized.

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