Saudi Arabian Lovers Are banned to Give Roses

Saudi Arabian Lovers Are banned to Give Roses

As told by the local Saudi Gazette newspaper, the Saudi Arabian vice squad has extremely selling red roses and other goods, which are often given to the beloved ones. The prohibition came out already before the St. Valentine’s Say. The commission on the encouragement of moral virtues and the prevention of vices – this is the official name of Islamic peace officers in this country – ordered to withdraw from sale flowers and gift-wrapping.

According to the newspaper, the prices for roses on the “black market” have already risen. The authorities think that it is a sin – to celebrate the St. Valentines Day and other non-Moslem holidays.

The St. Valentines Day, the day on which lovers in many countries are giving each other presents is considered to be an additional cause for non-marital relationship, which is criminal in Saudi Arabia.

As told by the Saudi Gazette some Saudi Arabians have already placed the orders in flower shops many days and already weeks before the holiday in order to acquit themselves from suspicion.

“Sometimes we deliver bunches of flowers in the middle of the night or early in the morning, in order not to fall under suspicion” – one of the flower-sellers has revealed the secret.

Other lovers position their dates in more liberal nearby countries: Bahrain or United Arab Emirates.

In Saudi Arabia authorities try not to allow the dates between men and women not tied with the bonds of wedlock for religious reasons. In order to get married, to work or to get education, a woman should have the permit from a man: father, trustee or husband. Women in Saudi Arabia are already not allowed to excursion cars [].

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