Romany Gypsy Fortune Tellers

Romany Gypsy Fortune Tellers

Romany gypsies are a band all of their own. They have been known as psychics for hundreds of years. The joys of gypsies are their roving lifestyle.

I see pretty pictures of gypsy caravans and they are a cheerful colourful sight.

Romany bands are unfortunately a disappearing sight as more and more of them get assimilated into modern life. The telling of fortunes was one of the most well known trades they possessed. Gypsy music and the psychic arts were so well known that they were made use of to tell fortunes for kings queens and many royals across Europe. During the Second World War they were persecuted by Hitler and locked up and slaughtered in the death camps.

in spite of of all the persecution they have suffered over centuries their airs are nevertheless alive in many parts of the world. Cross the gypsy’s palm with silver and have a psychic love reading was one of their mottos. This was a way to get a palm reading to tell you what the future of love marriage how many children etc you were going to have. Romanys knew their art well and already today in their more modern lifestyle in towns and in city life they are nevertheless some of the great psychics of our time. Many of the fairs and circuses around the world have a caravan set on one side for the Gypsy Romany to sit, gaze into a crystal ball or read your palm. The colourful dress of the Romany’s is almost a identifying characteristics tune of theirs and their music has been made famous by such artists as the famous Django Reinhardt.

His art with his guitar made him famous from an early age but tragedy hit when he was involved in a fire and his hand was badly burned. in spite of of this his strong will made him determined to relearn the guitar which he did to go on to become one of the most famous guitarists of all jazz musicians. Romany readings if you can acquire one from one of their really talented psychics are a thing to be prized. The accuracy with which they read and can see in a crystal ball is almost unequaled. As always with readings one must remember that spirit has no time frame and consequently timing of an event can often be out. They might say within three months or in the summer. However, it might well take several years to come to fruition.

The mystic of the Romany Gypsy is so great that no matter where you find them their dress usually denotes what they are. It makes the psychic in them stand out with their long flowing skirts and their turban around their head. It sets a stamp on them that will long be a symbol for a Romany Gypsy reading.

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