Ridding Your House of Termites


Everyone has heard stories about it before but it is uncommon now for many people to have termite issues because it is in with the new homes and out with the old. Older homes are more prone to a Cincinnati termite or a Northern Kentucky termite problem. Termites are small bugs that produce in large packs and find a place to live in the depths and burrows of your home. Termites are attracted to the wood underneath your home that helps to set the foundation. The wood is what they satisfy on and over time it can set detrimental damage to your home.

This is a shared problem in homes that are very old that nevertheless have substantial wood foundations. Nowadays we use a lot of concrete to build the base of a home or other materials instead of wood. Termites only get worse when they find more wood to satisfy on and before you know it your house could have major damage and your house could potentially cave in on itself. Before you buy and move in to a home, you want to ask the past owner about termite damage and protection. If the house is not set up for termite protection or if you find out that it has termite damage, you will want to get it fixed right away before you buy that home.

Termite protection is a very easy thing to get and all it takes is a associate quick phone calls, a little bit of money, and a day of your time. To prevent termite damage, certified termite companies can come to your home and spray pesticides all around your house. For the best protection there are several different steps. First they will spray around the outside of the house to get the termites out and keep others from coming in. Then they will spray a different inner around the inside baseboards of your room to keep termites from coming inside of your room. Then they can do a final layering spray of protection around the whole complete home that will keep termites out for a long time.

Before spraying for termites you may truly want to see what you can do to check out the damage. If you can estimate the damage beforehand then you can see if any work needs to be done to fix the wood after the termites are gone. For example if there are large planks of wood holding up the foundation of your home and there are some large holes in them, then they are not going to be very helpful for holding your home up. So, it is important to get those fixed closest if you can.

Termites are not that much fun to deal with and they can truly cause a lot of damage to your home. The best thing you can do without moving to a new home is to spray your house with pesticides and hope for the best. Most pesticide sets will get the job done thoroughly and correctly. So get your house termite free today!

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