Psychic Readings, the Big Questions – How to Tune In & Get the Information, Where Does It Come From?

Psychic Readings, the Big Questions – How to Tune In & Get the Information, Where Does It Come From?

My psychic readings are a source of fascination to many people who have come to know about my psychic ability. They ask a lot of questions and all these point to the bigger picture of how it is possible to do a reading. They want to know what goes on in my head, where do my messages come from, how can I know.

It is not so easy to describe a sense, consider how difficult it would be to describe to someone the experience of smelling, seeing, hearing. These are all experiences by the eye of the beholder and consequently the explanation is likely to be rare to that person.

Trying to explain psychic ability is like trying to explain someone how to make their foot move. It just comes automatically although we are sending signals throughout our body to make it function.

I believe that psychic intuition is innate and that we all have this from birth. Psychic intuition resides in the left side of the brain along with our artistic and musical side. The right side of the brain is the one we use mostly and is where logic and reason exist.

I tune in to the left hand side of the brain by not thinking but rather feeling, accepting and knowing. I am getting the information raw or ‘as it is’ instead of how logic would have it interpreted. It can take quite a lot of practice and everyone develops in different ways.

When someone comes to me for a reading and asks a particular question I go in to auto mode. I am right there in the left hemisphere and I am making my connection to them. I do not have to have them sitting in front of me as logic would have it.

They could be the other side of the world and I could be giving the reading via internet chat, email or telephone. As soon as they ask for a reading they are making their link to me. In fact we are all one and connected anyway and so I become a channel of information.

I am linking in with their energy and this might not make sense to the logical thinking person. This is why it is so important to be open minded in order to receive a good reading. If you are closed and thinking too logically then you could be blocking your energy.

It is important to be in the right mindset before you give or receive a reading. One way to get on the right wavelength is by meditation. You can remove clutter from your mind and try not to think too much.

It is quite natural to worry about a reading that you might hear some bad news. You will receive honest and direct guidance, however, the readings are for positive guidance. The information that I give will be constructive and given by responsible communication.

There are some people who come to me expecting me to make decisions for them. They may be in a failing relationship and wondering whether to stay or leave. This is not what I do, I empower people to make their own decisions. I tune in and give guidance on what I receive about the relationship.

I could be told something specific about that relationship that could help them continue. I could also get information to suggest that they are being guided towards a new path. They have free will to do what feels right for them in the end.

The information they receive is highly useful because it is sometimes hard to see when you are emotionally involved. People often say that the reading puts things in to perspective and lifts them a little.

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