Psychic Psychokinesis

Psychic Psychokinesis

Remember the spoon bending experiment back in the 1980s with Uri Geller? This is a form of psychic psychokinesis in which he convinced the nation that by unifying thoughts, focussing on metal teaspoon that the nation could bend spoons.

So what exactly is psychic psychokinesis?

Psychokinesis is a Greek information meaning psyche, the mind, heart, soul, spirit and breath of an individual and address the movement or motion of the psyche; hence, it literal meaning is ‘mind-movement’. It is often abbreviated to PK and is also a term that used interchangeably with telekinesis.

It is the ability to move things or objects with the strength of the mind and, despite the large number of psychic powers and told, it is one of the rarest.

Exactly, how it works is slightly of a mystery – a main source of sceptism and denial that the strength is real.

Without becoming bogged down in science, many experiments have been conducted over decades to try and ascertain exactly what and how is happening during the time of action. The move a physical object in the ‘normal setting’ requires physical strength, albeit a small amount such as flicking a coin across a table. Psychokinesis is believed to be the time of action of the mind being able to cause energy in a physical sense and hence, can move an object.

The theories behind psychokinesis

As a psychic ability, it is difficult to create a definitive answer or theory as to how this can take place. There are various theories about how psychokinesis takes place with the most ‘popular’ or accepted are:

  1. It is the ability to manipulate a ‘human magnetic field’ or
  2. It is the ability to control and join sound and energy groups, under séance conditions

Whichever theory you subscribe to, there is no doubt that for a person with the psychic gift of psychokinesis that they need to clear and focus their mind, characterize extraordinary control.

Can you develop this psychic ability?

Back in the 1980s, with the national spoon bending experiment, it was thought that this ability could – and can – be developed. However, other commentators believe it is a gift that is within the person. Either way, with focus and determination, it may just be possible…

  • Tip 1 – Meditate & Relax
  • Like many other psychic abilities, the mind needs to be empty, calm and rested, three factory promoted by meditation
  • Tip 2 – Determination
  • It will not happen closest and, like many other activities and skills in life, it will take practice and determination.
  • Tip 3 – Believe
  • This is probably the most important out of all three tips is your belief that it is a possibility.

Many pictures and various other materials and testimonies exist of this psychic occurrences and whether you have scepticism about this strength or not, it is a exceptional thing to have happen.

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