Product Review – CIS Nationwide Public Records Online Search

CIS Nationwide is an internet provider of public records with years of service gathering information from thousands of both public and private supplies that can be delivered right to your computer screen quickly. CIS Nationwide has over 32 different online products and searches ranging from a basic people search to comprehensive criminal and background reports. To use CIS sets or become a member you must be a U.S. resident 18 years old or older.

People may have a variety of reasons from the casual to the serious to be interested in uses a people search or background check. CIS wants consumers to know for which reasons you should and should not use their service.

CIS states that sets MAY NOT be used for the following reasons:

* To locate people to develop a news story.

* For purposes that might cause physical or emotional harm to the subject of the report.

* For individuals involved in an adoption.

* To gain information on well-known/high-profile celebrities or government officials.

* To determine a consumer’s eligibility for (a) credit or insurance for personal, family, or household purposes; or (b) a government license or assistance.

* For purposes that are not within your stated normal course of business.

* For pre-employment or tenant screening.

* Due to various inaccuracies in public records, our sets should not be used for skip tracing purposes.

CIS wants their sets to only be used for lawful purposes, which may include:

*Fraud prevention

*Asset verification

*Location of criminals, witnesses, beneficiaries or heirs

*Research for debt collection

*Child sustain enforcement

*Compliance with federal, state or local laws or regulations

Maybe like Nancy’s family, you need to locate relatives who you haven’t spoken to in years. Nancy has left the executor of her estate with the daunting task of finding people that she hadn’t spoken to in years, that are now beneficiaries of her will. Like this executor, you have no idea where to begin to find them. Attorneys and private investigators can be expensive, but as executor you need to make sure that the beneficiaries of the will are located and notified of their bequest. The sets that CIS provides can help you to do just that.

CIS offers the following Direct Searches:

*Bankruptcy Records

*Birth Records

*Business Records

*Comprehensive Background

*Court Records

*Criminal Records

*Death Index

*Email search

*Federal Records

*Legal/Civil Judgments


*People Search

*character Records

*Relatives search

*Reverse Cell Phone search

*Reverse Landline Phone search

*Reverse IP search

*Sex Offender Search

*SSN Validation search

*Warrant search.

observe: CIS does NOT disclose social security numbers but can only verify accuracy.

What does the CIS Nationwide Comprehensive Background Report Include?

Availability of information may vary so CIS lets customers know that these are examples of information that MAY be obtainable in Comprehensive Background Report:

*State Criminal Check

*Nationwide Criminal Check

*Marital position

*Phone Numbers

*Birth date

*Address History

*Neighbors’ Names

*Neighborhood Info


*Sex Offender Check

*Possible Deceased Records

*Relatives and Associates

*character Information

*Liens, Bankruptcies, and Judgments

An example of costs for CIS Nationwide sets based on their web page includes: People Searches $4.95; Unlimited checks $9.95; Background Checks for one person $14.95 and each of these sets are obtainable with one time billing. However, you may also become a member and use any of their products on a “pay as you go basis.” Your membership fee will be used towards the cost of the searches you perform, so it is important to keep track of your balance and determine when you want your membership will end. Like many memberships, the CIS membership is self renewing and will charge your credit card on file automatically once the funds on account have been depleted. If you do not want to retain your membership it is important to cancel it when you balance is low or empty.

There are many good and lawful reasons for consumers to need to use such a product and most of us would like to have the information right away and avoid the expense and intrusion of a private investigator – a private investigator who may charge you a great deal more, and who may use the same service obtainable to you by CIS. Should you find yourself needed access to important public records, this service can provide you with the information you need quickly, however, remember the information is only as good as its “beginning point” as a consequence it is important for other sets such as police, county, and governments to keep their records updated also.

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