Poster Printing Production for Business

Poster Printing Production for Business

The three P’s!

The benefits of using posters as a way to promote your business can be very influential if used properly. Everybody will always notice posters especially if they have a rare design and stand out from the crowd. A good graphics designer can produce a quality poster design at any size. Give them some of your ideas or examples of posters or already website designs and they can usually work with your ideas. The most popular sizes for your posters once your design has been finalised are below:

  • A2 Poster Printing Sizes: 420 x 594mm
  • A1 Posters Printing Sizes: 594 x 841mm

To visualise the size of these I always think of a confront of a washing machine or the size of a kitchen unit which is 600mm sq. When you think about the size of these objects which you see quite often in your daily life you have a good idea of how big your posters will be and if they will stand out in certain locaiongs or surroundings.

A2 Poster Prints tend to be the norm!

Now that you have your design and you’ve decided on your size you have to position your posters in the best position to attract customers and in a position where they stand out. Now this can be affected by the quality of stock that you use. You want a decent weight which in paper terms comes under GSM. GSM stands for grams per square metre. Anything above 120gsm will work well but for the best quality go for anything above 190gsm. Then you have finishes which include, Matt, Gloss and Satin. People always tend to think that Gloss finishes are the best. This is not always the case because if you’re poster is in a frame or in a glass window you will have a reflection which is intensified by the gloss finish. Satin is the best finish to go for with Matt being a cheaper option then the latter.

So there you have your three P’s poster printing production laid out, just remember to use somebody you trust and that understands and works with your ideas!

Printing, it’s important!

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