Pivot Points Anticipate Forex Market Breakouts

Pivot Points Anticipate Forex Market Breakouts

Wouldn’t it be great to be psychic? Wouldn’t it be great if when you sat down to make your Forex trade you could somehow know ahead of time when and where the market was going to breakout, and ride that baby to maximum profits?

It’s one thing to look back on a month of charts and point out where all the pivot points occurred, and see where the best pivot reversal points were, but it’s an thoroughly different thing to be able to see and anticipate the pivot reversals as they are happening, and to make profit from them.

A pivot point, when it is part of a pivot reversal, is basically the turning point where a money pair hits the highest point of a high trend, or the lowest point of a low trend, before retracing back the direction it came. Basically, the “new high” or “new low” will help show you how far the market is willing to go in either direction before it reverses course back into itself. This is basic!

The reason these pivot highs and pivot lows are so important is that the area between the pivot high and low bars is where you will notice most of the price action, but there are certain breakout days when the market will shoot past the current range, and these days are the pivot reversal breakout days. These are denoted by large movements in the market that are fueled by strong momentum. Remember: large movements + strong momentum = HUGE PROFITS!

Pivot points can rule to pivot reversal breakouts, and these opportunities are too good to ignore. Now you have knowledge, but knowledge is strength (or in this case, profits) only when you know how to use it right! When a pivot reversal happens, you want to see whether the market breaks a new higher high or a lower low. Once you have this information, here’s the basic rule for how to act on it:

1. If the market goes higher than a pivot high, you want to BUY!

2. If the market drops lower than a pivot low, you want to SELL SHORT!

It usually takes a day for the breakout to occur. Sometimes the breakout won’t materialize. That’s fine. If that’s the case, close out your locaiongs and wait for the next pivot reversal. Have patience, and you will bag that big profit day.

Make sure that these trades are performed with a one day time table in mind. Once the breakout occurs, close your position at the end of the trading day to protect your gains. Follow this advice, and you will be a very happy and wealthy Forex trader.

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