Phoenix Window Tinting 101 – Comfort, Cancer Protection & Security

Phoenix Window Tinting 101 – Comfort, Cancer Protection & Security

With virtually only two seasons in Phoenix, AZ winter and summer, it won’t be long it’s summer again.

And that method stifling heat, scorching steering wheels, and getting sweaty from those “hot seats.”

And, it might just be time to tint your auto windows. But, it’s not just for comfort…tinting your auto windows is a rather minor investment considering these short and long-term benefits, in comfort and safety:

  1. Avoid overheating: your cars interior can be 60 percent cooler during those sizzling summer days with proper tinting.
  2. Protect your skin: unhealthy UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Tinting your car can block 99 percent of these damaging rays. Statistics show that drivers develop skin cancer more frequently on the side that they excursion on (left side for Americans and right for Australians).
  3. In an auto accident, window tinting can help shattered glass keep up together, protecting the occupants of the car.
  4. Tinting your windshield reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow and other headlights, helping you to focus on the road ahead, and any obstacles that might be in it!
  5. Auto window tinting can help protect your privacy and contents – what a burglar can’t see, he won’t be tempted to steal.
  6. unhealthy UV rays and heat cause car upholstery to crack and fade – tinting will keep your car in chief condition to maximize the resale value.

Arizona Auto Tinting Laws

Auto window tinting is the ideal solution for your car during Phoenix’s summer months; however, there are auto window tinting laws that dictate just how dark you are allowed to go. Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Arizona, this refers to the percentage of visible light allowed by the combination of film and the window.

The AZ window tinting law states that your front side windows must allow more than 33 percent of light in. For the back side windows and rear window, any darkness can be used. For your windshield, non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

How to Find a Good Phoenix Window Tinting Company

To find a good Phoenix window tinting company, ask your list of auto tinting shops the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in business at this location and do you have other shops in the area? Good Arizona auto tinting shops prosper despite local competition by offering good service at reasonable prices. Find an Arizona window tinting shop that has been in business at the minimum five years.
  2. What types of films do you carry? Quality auto tinting shops in Arizona carry complete lines of film from one or multiple manufacturers. They should carry dyed, hybrid, and metallic window films in a variety of colors and darknesses. Beware of Arizona auto tinting stores that carry only one or two lines of film…and sells them aggressively!
  3. What warranty do you offer? The warranty on the tinting depends on the window film you choose. It’s recommended you install only window film backed with a lifetime warranty for materials and labor.
  4. Can I visit your auto tinting shop in PHoenix and can you provide a sample of your work? The work area should be indoors and clean. And the best shops always apply film in a single piece. Film applied to side windows should be completely flush against all four edges of the window.

Consider window tinting in Phoenix to protect yourself and your means’s interior. By preventing excessive UV exposure, you will maximize your means’s resale value.

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