Online Income: Making Money Vs Earning Money

Online Income: Making Money Vs Earning Money

There are many ways to make a living online these days.

Most people looking at online income opportunities come looking for an end consequence: money.

If you are one of them, read on.

All methods fall into the two (2) categories below:


  1. “Making Money
  2. “Earning Money”

Let’s look at “Making Money” first. Forex trading is one. Commodities trading is an other. typical off-line investments such as stocks are a further example. There’s nothing wrong with these, however there is a catch.

The issue is that all these do is broadcast your “need” to the universe. “You reap what you sow.” consequently all you get back is a reflection of your own greed. The marketplace is not appreciative of a “needy” person. No surprise that so many people obsessed with making money are broke. already if you make some money the results are not sustainable because you are not giving value. And that is IF you make money. No matter how good they are there will always be factors outside their control. (Sad truth is that most people buy high and sell low, consequently losing money.)

Not to rosy? The different is “Earning Money”. In the age of the Internet this does not have to be a toil. There are 1,6 billion people online and counting. Every netizen has moment access to a global pool of eager customers. Only large multi-national corporations had this strength up until a little while ago. These 1.6 billion possible customers all have the same chief desire: they are looking for inspiration and leadership. If you manage to deliver these you will have no problems creating a loyal following. A fanclub if you will. Help them get what they want and you will get what you want (and then some). That simple, really.

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