On the Moon There Are 32 Craters Named After Catholic Clergy – Is Chur…

On the Moon There Are 32 Craters Named After Catholic Clergy – Is Chur…

Not long ago, a Deacon from the Catholic Church had contacted me, his mission was simple – change the narrative online. Indeed, it makes sense that the Church would want to enhance its brand online these days, that’s of course where all the new possible followers will be. If the Church doesn’t make a move online the Internet could dismiss another two or three generations from its ranks and as the demographics change and more older folks head for heaven, they are going to need new paying members to keep it going right?

The reason the Deacon had contacted me was because of an article I’d written pondering on what the world will say when we announce that there is life on Mars. Not the complicate animal life here, but life non-the-less. clearly, with water, amino acids, asteroid strikes and the trade of material in our solar system, there are enough elements there to have given a foothold for some kind of life, perhaps under the surface or at the poles where there is dry ice and some water ice.

seemingly, my statement was read as if I didn’t believe the Catholic Church supported science. That’s not the case, they do sustain some types of science, already if before they dismissed such ideas. The reason the Catholic Church has survived 2000-years is their ability to evolve their message as they go.

The Deacon instructed me that I had “very little knowledge of the relationship between the Catholic Church and Science,” and went on to enlighten anyone who uses Galileo’s ordeal, he explains and then states; “be aware that one trial does not cover 2000 years of history, and that this specific trial was about theology and not science.”

Then he tells me something very interesting to prove that the Catholic Church does appreciate science; “Did you know that more than 35 craters in the moon bear the name of Catholic Clergy?”

Yes, but many craters on Mars are named after family pets of the researchers and scientists working at NASA and Cal Tech, but I doubt those pets believe in Science, and just because a crater is named after a pet, doesn’t average the pet’s psychologist or psychic believes in science. What I am saying to you is this; beware of ridiculous comments and statements folks often use to promote their arguments and debates. It’s all just sound and fury, something humans love to include in, but in the end it has nothing to do with life on other worlds. Please consider all this and think on it.

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