New Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Cars With K Series Engine

New Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Cars With K Series Engine

Maruti Suzuki has launched a car in 1993 with the largest expansive car with small bonnet and it was awarded as bestselling car in 2003 and 2008 in Japan and the name of this car is Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. After its set afloat so many changes were done by Maruti and they were categorized in generations. The latest generation is 4th Generation is running that is launched in 2008. The changes which were done in 4th generation are:

– Larger rear doors which incorporate quarter glass

– Eliminating the need for a D pillar arrangement

– Mated to a 4-speed automatic

– A 5-speed manual or a CVT transmission

– Customers can choose between front-wheel and all-wheel-excursion versions

In India, Suzuki has launched this car as a joint venture with Maruti that’s why this car is called is Maruti Suzuki Wagon R instead of Suzuki Wagon R. The Wagon car is obtainable in India into three variants. It has impressive mileage of 14.4 kmpl in normal city roads. If we compare with another small cars obtainable now a days like Nissan Micra vs. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R than we will find certain very good qualities in this car, which makes it a best car till now. Over 8.5 lakh unit has been sold till date and continuously being selling. It costs to you 3.28 lakh to 4.12 lakh according to variant you choose among all six. Troubleshooting is also done in this fourth generation method the problems which occurred up to 3rd generation were tried to be corrected using new engine.

Maruti Suzuki had made so many changes to the interior of the Maruti Wagon R with accenting it with silver accentuation. The Wagon R has a new integrated audio system with auxiliary inputs and a 6-band EQ for optimized entertainment. Enough leg room is present in this car; already taller persons can sit comfortably in the front seat. Maruti Suzuki has a great competition with Hyundai and Chevrolet and may be it can beat them soon. Indian consumers love this car because of its comfort. Air conditioning, dynamic 3-point suspension is the special features with integrated audio system will give you superior and better driving. Wagon R car is more expansive than its predecessor; it has central locking and anti theft alarm system to provide you higher feels of security. Its variant LX, LXi, VXi is obtainable in different vibrant colors: golden, silver, pink, purple, red, blue, etc.

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