National Debt Helpline – The Free Debt Help Service

National Debt Helpline – The Free Debt Help Service

Several thousand people in the UK go into debt every year. Thousands will have to file for bankruptcy in order to get out from under the pressures of those financial difficulties, but others may find less drastic routes back to normality. Before your debts get to the point of no return, one useful option open to you is to try contacting the national debt helpline. This free debt help service is known as the national debtline too and is an objective service that helps people of the UK to cope with money troubles. They are an independent service that will keep all information they receive secret.

What is the National Debt Helpline?

The debtline is a telephone service that is offered nationwide across the UK. It is specifically for people with major money problems who live in England, Scotland, and Wales and their website has different sections, depending on where you live. The advisors at the service will discuss the options obtainable to you for your particular debt situation. They have self-help materials that they will mail to you to offer you additional help and they will send this information to you for free. In certain situations they will already help in setting up a debt management plan if it is deemed to be the best solution for you.

How to Contact the National Debt Helpline

The help line has a toll free number for you to call. You can also email them with your financial questions if you have trouble getting by on the phone. Their website offers many self help packs that you can download and print off to read at home. These self help packs can answer a lot of your questions and can be highly useful to you in identifying how to get out of your situation and back to being free from debt. Besides the self help packs there are many fact sheets obtainable which you can download too. There are dozens of these to choose form and some of the topics covered are as follows:

– How to deal with business debt problems.

– How to avoid getting into financial trouble at Christmas.

– Getting help with paying your mortgage.

– Bankruptcy advice and how it works.

– Understanding administration orders.

– Information on debt relief orders.

This is just a small sampling of what types of fact sheets are obtainable on the website of the national debt helpline. You can also find out how to prepare a personal budget sheet to work out your income and expenditure and how much you have to live on. They have a weekly and a monthly budget sheet for you to choose from.

A personal budget planning sheet will help you to see how much money you have coming in and find out how much money you are really spending each month and where it is going. You can also use this system to understand how to plan your spending for the future and work out deals with creditors you can provide to pay.

The helpline service also has sample letters you can use to send to your creditors when you cannot provide to keep up with payments. There are many sample letters obtainable to preview and write to your creditors, with different letters for all sorts of different situations and circumstances. They are a free service set up just for UK residents in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are a UK resident who is having debt problems, calling the national debtline may be a big help, or you can visit their website for more information.

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