Myths About Blushing

Myths About Blushing

There is a great deal of information about blushing obtainable. Unfortunately, much of it is wrong. People who suffer from social phobia and blush frequently and intensely also tend to convince themselves false information is correct because it proves how they already feel. Following are some “facts” you may have come across that are just plain not true:

You can control blushing.

You cannot stop a blush. It is a biological response – an involuntary biological response. You can learn techniques that will help you not feel embarrassed or ashamed which are feelings that cause blushing, but you cannot stop a blush.

People who blush are guilty or dishonest.

Blushing is triggered by many different emotions and guilt is only one of them. Embarrassment, humiliation, shame and already good things like recognition, praise and focused attention all bring on blushing for some people.

When you blush people automatically notice you.

Although you may feel like a flashing neon sign when your confront is red, other people don’t notice it nearly as much as you imagine they do.

Make-up or cosmetics can hide your blush.

You may be able to hide your blushing temporarily with cosmetics, but it is certainly not a long-lasting solution and could potentially be more embarrassing than a blush, particularly if you are male.

Finding a healthy way of dealing with your social phobia will give you much better results in the end than trying creams or cosmetics or simply withdrawing from society. Learning to accept yourself for who you are and feeling better about how others perceive you is the best way to be more comfortable in social situations.

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