MLM Prospecting- The 4 Steps to BLAZING Network Marketing Prospecting

MLM Prospecting- The 4 Steps to BLAZING Network Marketing Prospecting

What is MLM Prospecting?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, prospecting is looking for gold. That is a good definition of MLM Prospecting, as you always want to strike gold in your business. Just like gold, MLM Success runs in veins in your group, and you must mine the veins continually.

If you really think about it, Network Marketing prospecting is simply the tactics and strategies of finding people to talk to about your business. Plain and simple. It is not rocket science. Talking to people is what we get paid for, and what we do for a living. Talking to people is imperative, so you must find folks to proportion your story with.

Prospecting is one of those activities that you MUST practice daily, or you will find that you end up like 90% of all Network Marketing folks:

You run out of people to talk to, and thusly, run out of this MLM business saying that it does not work. This business DOES work, if you have people to continually proportion your products and business with, and do it effectively.

There are 4 steps to MLM Prospecting that have proven to be effective over the years, and we have taught this Prospecting path for years. We all like sequential path to travel, as that is how we live life. This Path of Network Marketing Prospecting you need to travel to insure that you work the prospect correctly, and understand that prospecting IS a course of action, not a one time event. MLM Prospecting, if done right, can provide a lot of names, and you can have a lot of people looking at your business all at once.

What is the 4 step course of action?

1) Finding.

This is simply using different tactics to find people that might be interested in looking at your products and business. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Finding people is an art in some ways, as you need to have multiple ways of locating leads going on with your Network Marketing Home business.

Finding someone to talk to can be very easy in addition, as there are people everywhere you look, and all of them want the best out of life, and what life has to offer. Finding is simply looking and searching for the people who will want to use your products and sets, and also look at your business.

2) Exposing.

Once you find some people, you need to create an exposure, one that is quick and gives them an idea of who you are looking for, and what the company is about. This is not really a formal presentation, but a 30 second “commercial” that is better known as an approach.

The initial exposure of your Network Marketing products and business can happen in a conversation, over lunch and be 30 seconds long.


In the initial exposure, you are only exposing the IDEA, not the information. You want to see if the idea of your product and business is something that they want to know about, or if they would help you locate some people who do.

The best way we have found to do this is use MLM Prospecting/ Recruiting TOOLS. These can be cds to hand out for people to listen to, or dvds that people can watch, already brochures. But we have found that the best tool to use is one that is fleeting, to the point, and get the prospect emotional. MLM Tools are basic to use in Network marketing prospecting. You can have 30 people at the same time listening to the initial idea of what you are talking about, and let the tools do the exposure, and help the person to decide if they would be willing to listen further.

For a free training on using MLM Tools:

[] (Click training link)

3) Separating.

This step is where you come to the realization that there are only 2 types of people you will talk to:

People that are OPEN to new ideas. (These are the people that will listen to you.)

People that are CLOSED to new ideas. (These are the people that will NOT listen to you.)

You MUST separate your prospects into these 2 categories. If they will listen to you, you move them forward. If they will not, talk product, or ask for referrals. This step is imperative to master, as this is where you will quit chasing people who are not truly interested.

“Does this make sense to you?” is a great question to find out where they are with the idea you are talking about, and if they really would like to know more about your MLM products and home business.

“What did you like best about the cd I gave you?” is another great question to ask someone to find out where they are with the idea.

4) System.

For those who are willing to listen, get them into your company or upline’s recruiting and retailing system, and let the system do the work. Get them on your product, and make sure that you schedule them for a formal Network Marketing presentation. This could be a conference call, webcast, or three way, or in home meeting, or a Business Briefing on a tuesday night.

If they are not willing to listen, put them in your follow up system, and somewhere down the road, when timing is better for them, follow up with a phone call. Always ask them if you can keep in touch with them to keep them updated on your Success in Network marketing.

This 4 step course of action can be compared to a Filtering system, as it will filter out the ones that are not truly interested, and you use your time with only those who are truly interested in either becoming a customer or distributor, or helping you in some way.

This is the 4 step course of action to SCORCHING Network Marketing Prospecting. For a free, more detailed , step by step, strength Point training on MLM Prospecting using tools: (click training link)

You need to become a Master MLM Prospector. If you follow these 4 steps, you will dramatically increase the odds of remarkable gold in MLM Prospecting in Network Marketing.

Blessings…Doug (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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