Medium Psychics – How Are They Different From Ordinary Intuitives?

Medium Psychics – How Are They Different From Ordinary Intuitives?

What are mediums? How do they differ from ordinary clairvoyants, intuitives and psychic sensitive’s? And do all psychics have mediumistic ability….or is it only a special “strength” afforded the very few? In this article we are going to take a closer look at medium ship, and how it may be the MOST scarce, in addition most impressive psychic skill there is. Read on..:-)

Okay……but what is the definition of a psychic medium anyway?

Good question! Quite simply, a medium is an intuitive who purports to communicate with the “other side”. In other words, they connect with, and contact those “living” in the spirit world, or at the minimum those who are no longer in their physical bodies. While mediumship is definitely a skill, and ability that can be honed, developed and perfected……more often than not, in MY experience, it’s usually something that one is BORN with, instead of grown from scratch. (like many other psychic abilities can be)

Okay…..but don’t all psychics have at the minimum some mediumistic skill?

Absolutely not, no. The truth? Only a very small subset of psychic readers have this rare talent, and it’s the #1 thing that keeps many mediums in SUCH high need. (especially the elite ones) As a matter of fact, I’ve had some psychics, already good ones, tell me they didn’t already BELIEVE that mediums were real….simply because they were unable to have similar success with speaking to spirits..:-)

Are mediums more expensive than ordinary intuitivess?

Another good question..:-) Honestly? It really depends. Some of the MOST expensive readings in the world are definitely going to be those offered by elite level mediums. Why? Because it’s a scarce gift. And because, for many of us….connecting with our loved ones, once they’ve passed….is a PRICELESS experience that we’re willing to pay for.

How can I find a authentic medium myself?

You can travel, and see a good one in person who has been referred via information of mouth. You can try local meet ups, psychic fairs and workshops. You can check your local yellow pages…..although I’ve had very mixed success with this approach. Finally….and maybe MOST functional, comfortable and cost effective…you can find some AMAZING mediums on the phone. (if you know where to look) This is advisable if you’re on a budget….or nevertheless a bit skeptical, or just NOT in addition sure what to expect! (but be prepared to be amazed..:-)

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