meaningful Website Maintenance responsibilities That Should Be Done Regularly

meaningful Website Maintenance responsibilities That Should Be Done Regularly

Regular website maintenance is important for several reasons. First, with regular website maintenance, you can make sure your site is always running smoothly. Second, websites are always unprotected to being hacked; when you have a proper website maintenance program, you can avoid being hacked by keeping everything up to date. Finally, visitors are always looking for what is new and by website maintenance, you can regularly provide them with new and exciting information, products or features.

But what are the basic website maintenance responsibilities that you should be doing or having someone else do regularly? Below are some of these:

Testing the website speed. Regularly testing the download speed of your site is important, especially if you have just additional a new characterize. If your site is slow to load, visitors are not going to wait. As such, you need to do everything you can to enhance the download speed of your site so that visitors stay to read your content and hopefully, include with you.

Backing up your website. Backing up your website is something you should do regularly, especially if you use the online interface of your store or blog to make changes. Keep in mind that things happen. already though your web hosting company says they backed up the sites on their servers, they could have done this before your last edit. If the server crashes or your site gets hacked, your edits will be gone if the web hosting company restores what they had backed up. You will lose a whole day’s work just because you didn’t take a few minutes to back up your website.

Checking your links. Links become broken over time. When you make changes within the site and if you referenced someone in one of your articles or somewhere else within the website, links can be changed or become broken. Finding broken links on your site is not hard. You can use a link checker to test your external links and internal links at the minimum once a month.

Monitoring website outages. Lastly, if your site goes down, you want to be the first to know out this and not receive an email from someone else that they cannot access your website. To monitor website outages, website maintenance experts recommend you install and use SiteUp – a small program that runs on your computer in the background, checking your site on a regular basis. This program will notify you when the site is down.

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