Marriage Love Affair

Marriage Love Affair

1. keep friends: Never outgrow friendship, keep connected. Care, love, jokes, play, are all acts of friendship; be committed to each other.

2. use quality time together: Togetherness is said to be the soul of marriage. Never allow the demands of modern day life squeeze the life out of your marriage. use quality time together talking.

3. Create an air for romance: Be unprotected, jovial, laugh easily, be playful, look forward to being together, and love each other’s company.

4. Create time for recreation: Your marriage can not thrive if you are always on the fast lane of life. Slow down, create time to rest together, relax and play. Communication can only get to the peak and you can keep intimate as you relax together.

5. Give gifts: Lovers exchange gifts. Give gifts to your spouse; don’t wait till his or her birthday. Go ahead; celebrate your spouse by giving. Give generously; one good way to show love is to give.

6. Celebrate each other: Be excited about each other. Look forward to meeting each other and be glad to be together. Be proud of each other, and use every opportunity to celebrate each other with excitement.

7. Celebrate special days: Your spouse’s birthday should not go unnoticed; celebrate it. Make it the most important day in your life and do everything to always make it a exceptional day. Also don’t forget your wedding anniversary day and some other special days in your life.

8. Be generous with appreciation: Everybody loves to be appreciated; do it to your spouse, do it now! Appreciate everything and stop being basic. Women get better when they are appreciated for good looks and good food.

9. Forgive generously: For you to retain the fire of love in your marriage, you must be someone who can forgive others. No matter how good your marriage is, no matter how strong you are as a Christian, you will nevertheless offend each other, which is why you must cultivate the habit of quick and total forgiveness.

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