Love & Relationships – Three Signs it’s Caput & How Unconditional Love Contrasts With Modern Marriag

Love & Relationships – Three Signs it’s Caput & How Unconditional Love Contrasts With Modern Marriag

A compatible relationship is what most people strive

for, and it’s always nice to hear about a happy associate

in a fulfilling relationship.

People wanting to get married would be smart to

seriously consider the following questions:

What do you seek by marriage? A ceremony to

declare your love and a chance to get together with

family and loved ones? Romantic partnership

permanence? Do you hope it will add something to

your connection that you feel is absent at this time?

Marriage was originally intended for functional and

economic reasons. People could not survive unless

they pooled their skills and resources. Due in part by

romantic fantasy perpetrated by movies and fairy

tales, marriage today includes unrealistic expectations

such as being someone’s “everything” for life.

Surprisingly, already with the high divorce rates, this

tradition is nevertheless a popular choice.

Some say it’s because you need marriage for kids, or

that marriage is about commitment. But you can be

responsible parents or commit to each other without a

marriage license.

Those who oppose marriage continue that legally

binding agreements, in an attempt to cement

relationships, chiefly mirror fear and a without of

trust and are more about money than love.

There is no level of compatibility “good enough” for

marriage, because two individuals who are very

compatible now may not be in ten years. Furthermore,

marriage is just a legal construct that has nothing to do

with unconditional love, which is what many claim to

marry for. By unconditional love, we’re referring to a

without of conditions such as “If you do this for me, I’ll do

that for you.”

Ideally, marriage would be completely about

unconditional love. It wouldn’t be like modern

marriage is today.

There would be no unhappiness about a partner not

doing what they are expected to do financially, there

would be no disputes about having to use time with

the partner’s friends and family, and there would be a

without of expectations in the bedroom, just to name a few.

As we have regularly found in our work, most

relationships have time limits, as do friendships and

business associations. Sound unromantic? Truth isn’t

always romantic, but embracing it will save you a lot

of heartache. You don’t have to physically leave a

relationship for it to be over, as many married couples

will tell you if they are brutally honest. Additionally,

children know when their parents are unhappy and

all too often the parents end up setting a bad example

relating to complacency and deceit.

How can you tell if a romantic connection has seen

better days? A few examples include the following: all

attempts at spicing up the bond fall flat; one or both

partners become increasingly interested dating other

people; sex becomes routine and boring or nonexistent;

the sexual allurement fades considerably or disappears; one

or both feel as if they have learned as much as they were

supposed to learn; and it simply doesn’t feel right to stay


Life-long, satisfying monogamy is desired by many,

but is it natural or realistic? Some couples completely

lose interest in sex with each other and settle for

companionship or are willing to make great sacrifices

and be unhappy in order to avoid ending their relationship,

but more and more couples are accepting that most

relationships are not meant to last forever.

In our view, love relationships serve chiefly as

grounds for shared spiritual lessons and goals, rather

than the currently accepted, outdated, fear-based

sociological standard as outlined above. Many norms

in society will be seen as ridiculous by future generations,

and we expect that traditional marriage will be one of


An aside, for those who desire to deepen their

understanding of their partner (especially before

getting married), compatibility analyses involving

psychic insight, comprehensive astrology, numerology,

and graphology outlining meaningful challenges and rewards is

a great way to open the door to more love.

We recommend to those considering marriage to

communicate with their partner about commitment,

and discuss feelings about money, children, relatives,

friends, etc. But don’t expect or already hope that the

love would be long-lasting if you got married, since no

associate is compatible enough to meet and go beyond the

present day expectations of marriage.

“Getting married to make a relationship long-lasting is

like buying a summer home to make summer last forever.”

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