Looking For Metaphysical Authors Without the Fluff?

Looking For Metaphysical Authors Without the Fluff?

All you have to do is visit a metaphysical section of a book store to realize that New Age/Metaphysical authors are in abundance. In my earlier searching, I’ve probably read a few hundred of these books myself before I realized that there are only so many good metaphysical authors that truly get it.

It can be really difficult to separate a true sincere metaphysical author from someone who just wants to make a quick buck and jump on the New Age bandwagon. Although you do tend to find that this occurs mostly in the proclaimed Psychic category of Metaphysics. Now, this isn’t to take away from someone who has a developed gift, but it just makes it much more difficult to validate who’s real and who’s not. This will need to be a judgement call on your own.

While there are plenty of good Metaphysical works from a philosophical standpoint, such as The Seth Material, I’ve come to realize that there are only several really good metaphysical authors that bring evidence into their works.

Many of these authors have several books on the shelves, while others only have 1 or 2.

One positive trend I’m noticing is that I’m seeing increasingly more of these authors that come from a scientific background. Some come from a background in medicine and other areas of general science, while many others come from a background of various branches of physics. however there are nevertheless others that come from more of a general education background, but have nevertheless generated some impressive works.

Many of these authors are bringing forth more evidence than we’ve ever seen before. Listed below are just a few of these standout authors, or as I call them, pioneers:

  • Dean Radin
  • Thomas Campbell
  • Chris Carter
  • Michael Newton
  • Stephan Schwartz

Again, this just names a few. I expect this trend to continue, as we learn more about our non physical matter reality and how it behaves. Yes, the evidence factor is rather tricky, as non physical mattter reality doesn’t suit itself well to a lab ecosystem, due to its subtle character. More people are coming to realize this however.

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