List Of Security Features That You Can Have For Your Website

List Of Security Features That You Can Have For Your Website

Security is an important issue for websites because there are countless of users or visitors obtainable out there today. You never know what sort of intention people might have over your website. It is also important to have a great security for you website so that people will have confidence in you especially if you are an e-commerce website selling products online on the internet. So, here is a list of characterize that has got to do with security that you must know:





– Firewall

– DDos Protection

– Spam Filter

Lets us take you by it one by one. Firstly, there is the FTP. It is known as the file move protocol that allows you to move file from your hard excursion on to the web server location. This protocol enables users to create a log in with password. consequently, this gives a protection making sure that only users with the password will be able to access the files on your server.

Secondly, we have the SFTP which stand for obtain File move Protocol. This is a more powerful version of the FTP which gives already more protection. What it does is that it prevents the possibility of your username and password from being intercepted during transit. Another name for this security characterize is SSH File move Protocol.

Next if the SSL characterize that is vital for online transactions. It is an encryption protocol making sure that any communication done on the website is secured. Some website requires visitors or customers to fill in forms and this characterize keeps the information safe and secured. This is very important for online shopping websites.

Another kind of security characterize that can effectively be use to protect the communication within your website is the SSH or obtain Shell great number. What it does is creates encrypted channels enabling users to access the server remotely to execute commands over the web. This can help prevent hackers from getting important information from you.

The Firewall is also a security characterize that can protect you from attacks on your server. This is commonly found with networks but not all hosting providers provide this with their package. Only reliable hosting companies will include a firewall in their deals as they take a step further to protect their clients from malicious surfers out there.

Then, we have the DDos Protection which stands for Distributed Denial-of-Service. It is one of the oldest forms of internet security that is commonly used on networks. The DDos Protection should not be overlooked because it can cause a lot of damage if the attacks occur.

Last but not least, we have the Spam Filter which handles with spammers who try to move into you system using emails. It might not be threatening when you think of emails but we have seen bad results happening time and time again to those who do not have spam filters for their email accounts. So, make sure you have it with your email account to ensure the safety of your complete web hosting account.

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