Learn Telekinesis – Tips to Develop Telekinesis

Learn Telekinesis – Tips to Develop Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects from one place to another without physical contact. In other words, moving things with will alone. Another name for telekinesis is psychokinesis. Telekinesis can also average shaping things with your mind or bending things such as spoons.

The concept of telekinesis has been around for a very long time and has been studied by many groups and already the military.

In order to learn telekinesis you must develop the skill just like riding a bike. For a long time you may see no consequence. This is where many give up. It is a matter of concentration, belief, endurance, focus and will.

You must be in a very relaxed state to practice this art. First and foremost do not try to force something let it happen with you.

Below is a small exercise to help you develop your skills with telekinesis

First start with something light, like a toothpick or a spoon. Become very acquanted with it. Quietly and calmly, move your hand over it, try to feel its energy, imagine you becoming one with the item. After all, we are all just energy and so is the object you are focusing on. Try to move the object on a flat surface without touching it. If you get frustrated, impatient or get a headache, it’s time to stop for the time being.

Daily practice can help develop your skills and over time you may see improvement. In my lifetime I’ve only met a few people who have made it that far simply because no one trys. They feel self-conscious or inadequate. You must act with total comfort at confidence.

Rember to focus all your attention on the item when trying to learn telekinesis. You may be surprised at the consequence.

Learning Telekinesis can be a fun and very interesting skill to learn. It also teaches one how to open their mind in addition as it teaches them focus and self-discipline. It is a form of meditation and should be looked at as such.

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