Is Physical Immortality a Reality or a Hoax?

Is Physical Immortality a Reality or a Hoax?

Since great desire for anything is the secret to attainment, being steadfast about that aspiration makes it a truth. Of course, each of us left to our own version and vision.

If you have an optimistic disposition, lean toward a tenacious attitude, you are gregarious, you are disinctive to include in wealth, and you lean toward being a trail-blazer at heart, the possibility of a youthful, healthy and everlasting physical body might be of interest to you. You will like to know that the reality of a life without death is more factual than you might think.

But, however, if you tend to be depressed about relationships or the economy, you are despondent about the government systems, if you can’t seem to continue happiness, you are for some reason dissatisfied with life or in some way reluctant to live any longer, the thought of a lengthy physical existence may sound morbid to you. You too will be happy to know that there are those who work at making the ‘hoax’ of immortality a realistic fact.

For a very long time, only fading embers of an awareness of physical immortality have existed. Perhaps you too have failed to see this faint light. Perchance you never knew that the concept has been in practice since ancient times; many of us have been veiled to these facts, including myself. I desired to probe with objective; I came to discover facts that updated my understanding.

I know we all have free will at our fingertips; our choices are made according to what we each find valuable. I found that much of the world has fallen into a heartbreaking condition of ignorance about some very valuable inherent ability, throwing us into a uncompletely state of unconsciousness. The genuine worth of a long-term existence has been reduced to zilch; the merit contained in advantageous concepts forgotten. Have you ever asked someone how they feel about never having to die? I guarantee you they’ll think you’re crazy for asking.

Certain facts I discovered in my research gave me hope. I found that there were numerous peoples who kept alive the awareness of an eternal lifestyle. by the ages, preserving knowledge and documents of consequence was an intentional agenda. in spite of of all of the evidence that recorded history suffered at the hands of man making certain that vital knowledge appears as a ‘hoax,’ a devastating tragedy we have had to persevere, valuable concepts were also preserved by him. So, allow me explain the gradual decline of evidence to this indispensable faculty.

Those who were called ‘Masters’ had themselves achieved the feat. These entitled (by choice) beings functioned as beacons of enlightenment about an awareness of life without death. Accounts exist today with reference to the life and the teachings of the masters in the far east. Mentioned in our western bible are Enoch, Elijah, Melchizedek and Jesus Christ; likewise considered immortals who taught the knowledge of eternal life with the purpose of keeping alive this awareness. Also, better known as Gnostics, not for their ability to live as immortals, were Hermes Trismegistus, Serapis Bey, Apollonius of Tyana and Comte St. Germain. Unfortunately, many well known adepts have endured insult causing much misunderstanding and confusion.

Let’s begin by taking a look at how destruction of viable historical records and peoples reduced this awareness.

  • Actions by rulers in ages past damaged historical evidence. The destruction of the great Library of Alexandria is only one shared example of such injurious events. To the lament of many scholars, already though the story is often told that it was a consequence of an accidental fire at the time of Mark Anthony, I discovered that the loss of hundreds of thousands of books from the ancient world took place at the hands of the fanatical Christian Bishop Theodosius; he said it contained ‘heathen’ literature.
  • Activities wiped out the schools of the adepts.Perhaps this was one of the most riddled with myths and misunderstandings. It was this kind of disparaging agendas to obliterate knowledge that sets off a decline of interest in subjects that elevate consciousness. This forced the ancient mystery schools to go into hiding, to become occult. These schools were at one time the great centers of learning, where many basic concepts of life were taught. The teachings ultimately veiled causing a decline in the consciousness of the multitudes due to deliberate measures taken by those who deflected the truths. But, my question remained: Why were these people so animate toward annihilation of recorded history? I found out more.
  • extensive aspiration for strength over others. Many leaders, weather religious or political had the unfortunate habit of exercising self-serving schemes. This is also shared today. Covert damage to teachings of a natural ability to rise above death continues in the form of manipulation of truths, misrepresentation, confusing agendas, attacks on dignity, slander, character assassination, defamation, insults, all with designs to confound people.
  • Leaders of old desired to spread their own agendas. in spite of of being Roman, Christian, Pagan or Jew, they all were equally as guilty of literary disparaging actions for the sake of keeping their own beliefs and values alive. The Romans shattered temples of the Christians and destroyed accounts containing theological knowledge. They also demolished synagogues of the Jews and ruined records of the ancient philosophers. The Pagans had their ‘hay day’ wiping out Jewish and Christian literary resources in addition. In turn the Jews did what they could to obliterate volumes written by Pagans and Christians, trashing manuscripts of the teachings lived by the adepts. Far too much was now in ruins.
  • Exploitation is apparent in the new world. We find this kind of destruction also among the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and the North American Indians. The Christian Spaniards burnt and abolished history of the American native people. Many early explorers and conquerors of the new world caused immense damage; they too had their reasons for obliterating treasures of a people who needed to come under the jurisdiction of their rule.
  • The burning of the ‘witches.’ Another purposeful, detrimental and very cruel movement was what has been known as the ‘burning of the witches’ at various times in history. I found enough records to affirm that this was done to extinguish a cherished ‘fire’ of a reality which succeed a sovereign people. The ill-fated females called ‘witches,’ the druids and the adepts of those epochs were desirous of preserving aspects of the ancient concept, with the intention of keeping alive the embers of a primeval alchemical form. Unfortunately the strength to destroy took precedence.
  • Wars.They too, take their toll on recorded history around the world. Most wars, fought under the name of religion, overwhelm the masses and weaken truths. Wars, in spite of of the shared concept to help the unfortunate, are about ruling the territories under siege. And, many times about exterminating the freedom of a sovereign peoples who have understood the concepts of a holistic life that brings about a nation of peace.

Unfortunately, much of humanity suffers historical deceit. Yes, great literary treasures have been lost by the irreversible passing of time too, but never like the intentional measures taken by man. We bear the consequences of injurious deeds of long ago. We also persevere the slow re-birth of acceptance. World cultures have so emphatically and zealously denied the wisdom of masters.

The death ‘habit’ is virtually due to a heartbreaking ignorance to an obtainable physiological inheritance, one of a possible everlasting existence in a bionic body. Scientific information with specific proof of the ‘immortal gene’ within all of humanity is of no mystery, however the evidence of the human body’s natural physical ability to perpetually regenerate itself has not as however reached the masses. In May of 2003, Shaoni Bhattachaya reports in the New Scientist concerning stem cell research; the ‘immortality gene’ has been found by scientist.

There seems to be an overwhelming indifference to the concept which has barely survived in recorded history, an apathy toward the actual human immortal strength. While soon to be a more recognized choice to experience, the indisputable fact of a triumphant immortal means nevertheless remains veiled as a ‘hoax.’ This, however, does not necessarily average receptiveness cannot rise from its own ashes. My own curiosity was amplified and my desire for more knowledge increased when I came across confirmation from science.

shared among those who promote the ‘hoax,’ today’s organizers of public media and records, is a truth that refuses to die (no pun intended.) I think it’s about time to wake up; well,if you so desire.

Fortunately I found evidence enough of today’s growing awareness, a reassuring discovery. Aware physicists, scientists, and mystics teach of this biological possible. Welcoming those who seek to learn more about immortality concepts is a school of ancient wisdom in Washington state. Although, to awaken to a freedom of choice to extend life to unbelievable limits is nevertheless considered ‘outrageous,’ I am confident this will change. Physical immortality is viewed as an basic option by those who wish to master such knowledge; albeit we nevertheless have the ridicule by the media towards those who proportion the valuable principles of unlimited possible, freedom and peace.

So, on one hand, the autonomy of a life without physical death is a reality by intentional selection. I found the following website very encouraging representing this awakening today.

however, the ‘hoax,’ an illusion at best, can also be experienced as a reality (simply go to the cemetery), it is a choice to accept the forces that have destroyed evidence to the real truth. already though verification to authenticity of an ancient teaching has taken time to diminish to a single ember, the lingering smoldering ashes will someday turn into flames of ocher and gold, bringing back an almost totally forgotten awareness.

As we begin to comprehend the symbolism of the Phoenix bird, we will experience life with a diligent purpose. Like the sorrowful death of a knowledge destroyed by a blaze, today that single flicker of understanding lingers in the offing bringing the fire back alive. The world will once again walk upon a path of consciousness that once was maintained in ancient times.

To be an ‘immortal’ takes an intentional choice, an effort to create a life of high morality with a thorough enthusiasm for living! Immortality of the body physical implies just that — the body does not have to die!

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