Interview For a Job Help – Ace All the Tough Interview Questions With SPARS Formula

Interview For a Job Help – Ace All the Tough Interview Questions With SPARS Formula

We hear stories all the time of candidates memorizing every line of their begin again, talking to themselves and rehearsing in preparation of the interview for job. Though these methods are good, you need a instinctive and smarter method to come up with answers quickly. There is another easy way and you can basically index your memory. This method is called S.P.A.R.S it is truly a neat formula where each letter has a meaningful meaning as indicated below. Can you remember S.P.A.R.S? Sure you can. Situation, Problem, Action, Results, Sell.

Let’s drill down with a typical example and put this formula into play. Your begin again indicated that in your current job that you were able to save 200K for Company X This information caught the attention of Mr. Smith the interviewer and he asks, “How were you able to save 200K for Company X?” Here is how you would execute the S.P.A.R.S formula starting with the letter S and ending with the letter S also.


“Certainly Mr Smith, my department at Company X were incurring overtime cost of over 200K per year and this was because the software tool that was used to compute employee salaries and wages was outdated.”


“This software was limited in features and could not manager complicate calculations and variations of hourly wages. The only way to track the hourly wages was to extract the hours worked from a stamped time card and manually entered it into a spreadsheet. Company X had over 10,000 employees and the time of action was monotonous, employees had to work overtime to go into the data for each card before the bi-weekly cut off date.


“With approval from my superiors, I sat down with our local IT department and developed a more flexible programme with improvement features that can adjust to all possible variation of payroll inputs and perform complicate calculations.”


It was tested on dummy terminals and put into production so at the end of the work week employees can log in computer terminals and do their time sheet. the time of action takes less than a minute and it was a huge success. From then on there was no need for employees to work additional hours, the overtime was deleted and the company was able to save the 200k of additional cost.

Sell Sell Sell

“My research of your company (Company Y) shows you have numerous payroll departments across the country with similar issues, I would like to make this my first task to review your payroll processes with your department heads and see if transferring this knowledge can save you money or time. “

Isn’t this the neatest method you have seen? Imagine what you can do with this interview for job formula. You can used it to come up with all the successes you have had with current or past jobs and create many S.P.A.R.S stories to tell on your next interview. This is by far the easiest method to remember anything.

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