Impartial New HGH Study Has Researchers Excited

Impartial New HGH Study Has Researchers Excited

A well-known bio medical research center, Pennington, located at Louisiana State University, started a rare clinical trial about a year ago.

What was it all about?

They decided to conduct a double-blind clinical trial, orally administering a compound to a rare test group of various ages in an attempt to see if it would increase average serum growth hormone levels (otherwise known as HGH, Human Growth Hormone).

The stakes were high; for decades researchers had been searching for documentation of anti-aging – a formula that would stimulate the long-idle adult pituitary gland to once again come to life and begin to produce natural HGH, with all its additional benefits- more energy, greater stamina, smoother skin, and stronger muscles.

Adding to the excitement, there was strong evidence that increasing a person’s HGH levels helped them burn fat and lose weight- maybe already raise the sex excursion.

The results of the project amazed scientists and they chose the special forum of the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the prestigious Obesity Society in San Antonio, TX in September, 2012 to present the evidence. More than 500 respected researchers from all over the world crowded into the conference to hear about the astonishing study.

For the first time, it was demonstrated that an orally ingested proprietary compound of amino acids (trademark “Somatodyne”) can stimulate the pituitary to increase the body’s own HGH levels- NATURALLY. What had before been obtainable only to wealthy athletes and celebrities in a dubious synthetic form would now be obtainable to everyone. The study showed an amazing 8-fold increase in both men and women across a wide age range.

There are no products named Somatodyne, but a small network marketing company named Limitless Worldwide in Salt Lake City has secured the rights and has begun marketing a Somatodyne based HGH Supplement named THRIVE.

This is the first clinical trial that was conducted by an impartial authority that has truly resulted in Human Growth Hormone levels increasing in test subjects. It is of particular interest du to two dominant factors:

1. Cost: Injectable, synthetic HGH treatments must be prescribed by a doctor and can cost thousands of dollars a month.

2. Side Effects: Injectable, synthetic HGH has been associated with diabetes, various cancers (including prostate) and a number of other problems.

In contrast, when the body produces its own Human Growth Hormone it simply replenishes the supply that the body has lost over the years.

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