Iguana Care – Five Necessary Things That Will Keep Your Pet Contented, Joyful and Loving

Iguana Care – Five Necessary Things That Will Keep Your Pet Contented, Joyful and Loving

You will find that iguanas make wonderful and adoring pets, much to the surprise of those thinking of getting one. in addition they will make a delightful edition to your home. However, it is extremely important that your iguana is properly taken care of and given additional attention. During the time of this article I will be providing you with the basics of everything you will need to provide a appropriate ecosystem for your new iguana. Your new iguana care is not complicated but you must know of a few important items.


Most people who are looking to buy a pet usually always fall in love with the newborns and young ones of in any case pet they are seeking. Often they give little thought to the size that this pet will become. Bear in mind if seeking to buy and raise an iguana that they can grow to be well over 2 ft. in length. Their body alone, from the snout to vent could be 2 ft with at the minimum a 3 ft tail.

Choosing your iguana:

Pay close attention when choosing your new pet. An iguana should be lively and alert with unblemished shining eyes. You will need to watch for any sort of wounds, sores or scrapes and abrasions. in addition, take careful notice of the ecosystem in which they are now living. If it appears to be untidy, dirty, with any kind of urine or feces around I would highly recommend looking in other places. Iguanas are very unprotected to unhealthy bacteria.

Housing Your Iguana:

If you choose a baby iguana they will be just fine if kept in a 30 – 50 gallon aquarium as long as they have lots of small limbs or branches in which to run around and play on. As your iguana grows larger you may need to replace the branches with heavier ones to sustain the weight of your growing iguana. However, bear in mind that your iguana will ultimately need an aquarium as he will be regularly growing.

The most important factor you will need to remember is that the height of the surrounding. Iguanas are tree dwellers and need plenty of room in which to climb and jump around. When choosing what you want for the floor of the cage or aquarium you need to make sure it is lined with imitation turf or carpet.

I do NOT recommend using wood chips as they will attract termites and various types of insects. Also remember that is extremely important to never use cedar chips as those can be toxic to your iguana.

Providing Heat:

Your iguana will require a temperature of between 90 – 100 degrees since they are cold blooded creatures. By keeping the temperature at the recommended level this will help to ward off diseases and to make sure they are properly digesting their foods.

Heat Source:

traditional identify or heat lamps can be used for keeping the correct temperature. Some various other types of heat supplies are underground heating or heat tape. It’s also recommended that you use a high grade thermometer for checking the temperature in the surrounding.


Iguanas need to be kept away from anything that has animal proteins as this can cause kidney failure. The same goes for any kind of human junk food. Almost all iguanas are plant eaters. The perfect iguana diet should consist of calcium and Vitamin D with very minute amounts of phosphorous or none at all. If this is your first iguana it may be best for you to choose a commercial made iguana satisfy and then supplement with a few raw veggies.

Vital observe: Never ever give your iguana Spinach as this can be toxic to them.

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