How To Give Away Free Vacations as Business Incentives

How To Give Away Free Vacations as Business Incentives

Everybody likes to get something free, and if you learn how to use vacation certificates as business incentives then your business will prosper much more rapidly that you could possibly believe. Not only that, but they also provide an excellent income opportunity for individuals selling them to large businesses.

By using these certificates as incentives to customers who buy or keep loyal to you, your business can increase its sales by up to 30%, and what would that do for you! Not only that, but those who spread the vouchers also receive a pretty good commission for every one redeemed. They consequently provide two income supplies to businesses, and the opportunity for individuals to earn by commissions and by selling the certificates to other companies..

Once you have purchased the license, you can print off as many as you want. These can be sold in bulk to businesses for dispensing, or the company can also buy the printing license. The certificates can be provided to the end user as a paper voucher that can be personalized or branded to a number of possible designs, and certificates to be distributed online can be printed off by the recipient.

It’s the ‘free’ part that is important. People do not think of the fact that free offers can truly be paid for in the buy price of goods or sets, and regard them as benefits. Many people will make a buy choice based thoroughly on what free offers are obtainable, irrespective of the price of the product. In fact many would prefer a certificate for a free cruise than have money off. It is good psychology and it has been proved time and time again that it works. What can be better than a free cruise to the Bahamas, or a free vacation in Orlando simply for extending your life insurance policy!

There is a wide choice of certificates that can be offered, including vacations in Florida, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Cruises to Mexico or the Caribbean and already free flights are on offer, and you might already be able to match your offer up with your business. For example, certificates for golf club membership, legal sets and already free gas can be offered. They need not all be for vacations.

Why do hotels and cruise lines offer these free vacations? It is because at certain times of the year, such as conventions, weekends and already public holidays, they are not complete. Not all rooms, seats or cabins are taken, and they want to get what they can for them. If they cannot sell them, then instead of have them empty they will offer them free. The benefits they receive in return are the possibility of money being spent in the restaurants, bars, casinos and other sets, the possibility of referrals and also the visitor might have enjoyed their two night stay so much that they will return for a longer visit.

Everybody wins – the customer, the company and the hotel or airline. If you are an individual operating as a certificate distributor you also win. You receive income from sales of the certificates, and also a commission for every one used.

If you are wondering for what sort of promotions they can be used, all it takes is a bit of imagination. Your sales and marketing staff should be able to come up with some lucrative possibilities. How about offering a free certificate for every householder that opens their door when a representative calls? Think how many more sales you would make. What about offering a choice of certificates to anybody who buys one of your cars? already a vacation voucher for every vacation sold! There’s a rare use for vacation certificates. A free one for every one purchased!

If you are distributing vouchers, you can use any of these ideas to present to businesses that are your possible customers, and already offer them a cruise voucher for purchasing your vouchers! The possibilities are endless if you use a bit of lateral thinking. There is money to be made from them, both corporate and by individuals, and such certificates are excellent incentives for those involved in internet marketing and are seeking sign-ups for their down-line.

Never underestimate the strength of a free gift, and the fact that most internet searches include the information ‘free’. Learn how to use vacation certificates as business incentives and your business will prosper. Market them as an individual and you will personally prosper. The results are truly amazing and people will buy things they otherwise would not have without the free certificate.

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