How to Contact the Spirit World – (And the Controversial Truth About Talking to the Dead)

How to Contact the Spirit World – (And the Controversial Truth About Talking to the Dead)

Who else has thought of calling a psychic medium, joining a spiritualist course of action or already participating in a seance or sitting? Does the idea of re-uniting with deceased loved ones by the phone, or in person, with someone with special psychic gifts sound amazingly empowering?

For most of us… losing someone we love deeply is our greatest fear. And for many of us, when that happens, we search the known world for answers that discarded light on what happens when we die.

As someone with 2 decades of research into psychic experiences of all kinds, I am 100% certain that when we die, we go SOMEWHERE. Where that place is, I’m nevertheless not sure, but we DO live on in some form, and can continue to communicate with those that are left behind.

The best way to communicate with those who have crossed over?

You can aim yourself to become more sensitive, and aware of the spiritual dimensions by expanding your awareness of what’s possible (believe it or not, intention can rule to intuition).

You can also have instinctive “visitations” from loved ones who have crossed over. This happens most often in dreams, or by visualization or already using some cool “new age” techniques like mirror gazing, thorough meditation and already prayer (there is already a kind of rapid eye movement therapy called EMDR which is thought to ease visitation from spirits).

The best way to communicate with spirits, or loved ones that have crossed over remains using a spiritual medium as an intermediary. Working by phone, or in person, a good medium can bridge the gap between THIS world and the next, and in a way that offers you concrete evidence, proof and HOPE that your loved ones live on.

If you go this route… look for psychic mediums who:

– Are equally as adept by phone as they are in person (mediums who only work in person make me suspicious, as there is far more opportunity to cheat, and do cold reading).

– Avoid psychics who ask a lot of questions, or try to “fish” for answers. Stick with mediums who have a proven track record of success, AND who do this “work” professionally (as an amateur medium may average well, but can give you BAD information that does more harm, than help).

– And lastly… a genuine experience with a real medium should make you FEEL good thereafter. You should feel like you’ve had an authentic experience that was meaningful, inspiring and OPTIMISTIC. (After all, when you learn that we really DO “live” on forever… it’s hard to stay down for long, already if you’ve lost someone you love)!

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