Free Fortunes Online – Just How Much Money Can a Website Make?


There are a lot of free fortunes online that most people overlook. Many of people use their spare time surfing the web unaware of the possible money making opportunities that the internet has. A website allows me to own a piece of cyber space. If correctly used, owning a website is like having a blank cheque. I use my website to rake in a lot of cash. Here are some of the methods of making money that I have always used on my website.

The easiest way I have used is to sell out advertising space on my website by allowing other people to market their products or sets at some fee. Popup menus could be used. Audio ads where advertisers pay per the number of plays that their adverts receive are a recent way of advertising that I have also utilized. This works out well because my website has a lot of traffic. Affiliate marketing is another way whereby merchants use my website to sell their wares at a commission. Creating a market place on a website where people can trade their products could earn a lot of commission for me. Free fortunes online may also come in the form of sponsored review and event sponsorship on my website. A more familiar method is having premium content on my website whereby visitors have to subscribe in order to gain access.

Online surveys and surveys are very popular. I use my website to ease such surveys and get paid for them. Whichever other methods suits me, it is quite clear that a website is a very efficient tool that could be used to access free fortunes online.

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