Free Electricity is obtainable to You Today – Never Pay Your strength Comp…

Free Electricity is obtainable to You Today – Never Pay Your strength Comp…

Free energy is everywhere. All we have to do is collect it or transform it to usable forms. That’s what your strength company does on a much larger extent. The strength Company has a disadvantage. The have to deliver it. Electric Company needs strength lines and Gas Company needs pipe lines. Oil Company needs trucks. You don’t need anything. The cost of delivery is zero for you. Make your own energy it’s free. Our technology today makes this more real than ever before. Educate yourself and see how close you are to making your own energy.

strength supplies
Many kinds of strength like sunlight (solar = UV and Infrared), wind, wave, bio-mass, geo-thermal, fire and numerous other titles clarify the various forms of strength. Luckily, strength recovery methods are moving to less costly and more easy to reach to the homeowners. The solar industry is in high growth right now. Solar cell cost is dropping every day as solar cell supplies increases. Wind Turbines have been around for hundreds of years and are again becoming more extensive. Many farms nevertheless use windmills to pump water.

Why not electricity? Particular areas around the globe have dependable wind, like the whole ocean coastlines and valleys in close closeness mountain ranges. Wind farms are new but will take time. Wind farm energy dispensing grids need to be rebuilt so that their energy can go to non-windy areas. Bio-mass is a questionable energy source as growing bio-material has its own pollution and takes away farmland from food production. Geo-thermal is very popular in certain location like Iceland for obvious reasons. For most of us geo-thermal can help warm our homes. All these forms of strength have natural limitations and dispensing cost for energy companies. Lastly, a source of strength that does not come from the sun but is a topic of physics is magnetism. More later.

Home produced strength
Home-produced energy’s first cost saving is no dispensing cost. Principal investment, installation and maintenance cost; however, keep. Those homeowners that have bought solar panel installation in the pasted for $20,000 or much more have a 25-year payback. That is, the strength savings pay for the installation cost and begins paying the homeowner after 25 years. Wind and geo-thermal also have substantial payback periods. What if you make and install an energy system yourself. Realize that today, there are kits and guides that show you how. The cost of materials and your time would be your investment and that usually works out to be 1/10 the cost of commercial installation.

Home produced Solar Panel
Home-produced solar panels make by homeowners range from 75 watts (about $98) to 175 watts per panel. By connecting panels together solar panel system can unprotected to 1000+ watts of strength. The basic component of the solar panel is the solar cell and you need to buy that. Many distributors of solar cells are promotion solar cell kits for $40 to $100 depending on the size of your panel and the grade of the solar cell. Grade A solar cells are top of the line and produce up to 3.5 amps at .5 volts that works out to be 1.75 watts. A kit of 100 solar cells will make a 175 watts panel. Grade B cells have minor imperfection and sell for 80% – 90% of grade A. Grade C are damaged, like corner chips, but functional and cost about 50% that of Grade A. The rest of the panel construction is plywood, glass, solder, usually one rectifier and RTV sealant. Build time per panel is 1 to 2 days.

Home produced Wind Turbine Generator
Home-produced wind generators (from $140) is made of blades, a motor / generator, swivel mount with wind vain and a tower. All the materials are obtainable at the hardware store or auto junkyard. The hart of the wind generator is the motor / generator. All motors can be used as generators. You only need to rotate the shaft. The ideal generator will produces 18+ volts at about 300 revolutions per minute (rpm). This is the speed most wind turbines will rotate at in a 10-mile per hour wind. Shaft speed is important. Car alternators and generators are possible candidates. Special motors obtainable on eBay can produce a lot of voltage at low rpm. These special motors will produce up to 48 volts and 450 watts of strength in a 20 mile per hour wind. Blades can be bought or manufactured form 6 inch plastic drain pipe. The blade must be near perfect to work well. The tower can be a simple pole with guide wire sustain or elaborate like an antenna tower. Build time is about 1 week.

Home produced Solar Hot Water
This is the simplest and however the most effective (about $50) solution to energy. By pre-heating your hot water with a homemade solar heater box you can save up to 30% of your energy cost. Hot water is the most expensive energy system in the house after Heating / Air Conditioning). This solar hot water box system is made of a plywood, glass, plastic pipe and sealant. By gathering the infrared sunrays like a green house you can heat water to over 120 degrees already in winter. This is good enough to shut down your hot water heater. When hot water need is at peak, like early morning and washing clothes, the hot water heater will need to run typically. The rest of the day, water is heated in the solar box and stored overnight in the hot water heater. The build time is about 1 day.

Home produced Magnetic Generator
This is the newest source of energy and politically charged. Many economies are based on oil and coal that could be threatened by large-extent free energy. What is special about magnet energy it does not need the sun or wind or other natural forces. consequently; it operates 24/7 all day and night, day after day. It is not interrupted by character and is more efficient than other home-produced strength supplies by a extent of 2 or 3 times. Its function is a matter of physics. Prototype systems have been working since the 1990’s. Recently, since 2007, several efforts to commercialize this equipment have been started and it could take 10’s of years to grow to be standard between nations. As a outcome, a few home-produced strength guides present this magnetic energy equipment. By carefully choosing supplies and placing magnets in the desirable correlation with coils, you make a generator. The equipment are regular aluminum, cooper, plastic, mica, magnet wire, and magnets. All these are to be had at the hardware stores, Radio Shack or the Internet. Build time is about one week. Ordinary household tools are all you need. Making more than one of these generators, together with thorough cycle storage batteries and a strength inverter, can energize your whole home.

Serious readers pay close attention ~

Pioneers in energy have spent a lifetime developing techniques. You could too. But, why not learn from them and get an instruction guide. The guides are cheep. They can save you time and money and guarantee success. With the modern guides obtainable today you can complete a energy project in solar, wind, solar heat or magnetic generation, your choice, in less than a week and it will work first time. It’s the way to go.

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