Food Crisis Reaching America – How to Protect Your Family

Food Crisis Reaching America – How to Protect Your Family

What Crisis? – you might be tempted to say, the shelves in the Supermarkets are abundantly stocked and the government will guarantee the food supply. But there are developments in the world that should be cause for concern, for example the Bee population in the US has collapsed by 75%, that will make real Honey a Luxury food, but the  more serious consequence is the without of pollination in produce. The cause is controversial and highly political, probable suspects are GMO-crops and a pesticide from Bayer. in any case, this event is indicative of how industry is rushing to market unproven methods and untested chemicals, regulatory agencies that are protecting the industry they are supposed to control and the inability of governments to safeguard our food supplies. 

Food is becoming increasingly short supply, nutritionally challenged, loaded with non-removable toxins and bland in aroma. high countries are colonizing poor countries farmland, causing food shortage in developing countries. Saudi Arabia is harvesting in Sudan and Ethiopia, Qatar in Kenya, and Libya in.Ukraine, Japan in the Philippines and Vietnam in Laos – just to name a few. In addition to the obvious concern of neo-colonialism, the produce will log enormous food miles, which method substantial loss in nutrients and additional toxic preservatives. The US has long outsourced food production to Mexico and imported polluted produce of all kind. Developed countries are tempted to export food production to countries where ecological concerns are a non-issue and safety standards are not enforced. Smithfield Foods made headlines for their high provide animal factories in Mexico, when the swine flu virus broke out in April.  

Meanwhile Monsanto is using its political ties, fueled by intense lobbying, to monopolize the complete crop industry. Its genetically engineered seeds grow produce that can’t reseed and wipe out the natural crops. Silently, Monsanto is buying up Seed companies around the world, in an effort to control the global food production.

If you believe concern is unfounded consider these facts: this year the South African farmers suffered a extreme gm-maize growth failure over a 82,000 hectares area, the plants failed to produce any seeds. Monsanto cited a “production failure” and “underfertilization”. If Monsanto owns all the seeds, then they keep up the meaningful to global famine. In addition, we know that Monsanto engineers seeds to use more fertilizers, pesticides, herbizides, fungizides – and those toxins make into the produce – and into your body. Since the farmers have to buy new seeds every year, method in effect that corporate America controls the global food production.

It is simply too risky to do nothing and leave the consequences to the government. Every household should buy basic non-hybrid seeds of basic produce and plant them in their garden, no matter how small, and/or indoor.  

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